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Custom Cabinetry Design Center and Showroom in West Chester, PA. Cabinets are more than storage. They represent the design and structure of the kitchen, bath, or space that they’re in. Everything from the setup to the doors to the height/width to the quality of the construction affects both the look of your space, and the value it brings to your property.

Custom Cabinet Designers and Installers

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a custom cabinet designer and installers located in West Chester, PA. We have one of the largest showrooms in the Philadelphia Metro area, with over 40,000 feet of space for you to find a design that matches your vision.

We also have talented designers on hand to work with you to design your kitchen, bathroom, or breakroom cabinets, and we offer affordable installation backed by our satisfaction guarantee. Family owned and operated, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is the perfect place to go for custom cabinetry in West Chester.

Come visit our showroom at 1135 Phoenixville Pike by scheduling an appointment with our online form, or call us at (610) 436-5436 if you have questions.

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Design | Fabrication | Installation

Who We Are - Best Affordable Custom Cabinetry in Pennsylvania

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath provides all the core products that your space needs for your next remodel. We supply and install all of the best designs, not only of cabinets, but also countertops and other kitchen and bathroom fixtures. With our giant showroom and personalized service, it’s no wonder that so many from West Chester, Philadelphia, Media, Downingtown, Wayne, and more all come to see us for their remodeling needs.

Still, there is more to us than a wide selection of products. Our team is made up of experienced cabinet designers, able to match you with the ideal design for the space available. We also carry manufacturers that we have personally vetted not only for quality, but also for their ability to create products of real value.

We are also installers ourselves. Our local installation team will set up all of the cabinets perfectly, customized to your property, with the final on-site adjustments once the work is finished until you are completely happy.

Residential Cabinets

Most of our clients are homeowners looking to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or another area of their property. Our giant selection of different cabinet makers, doors, and more means that you are always able to find what you need directly from us. Get the personalized service of our designers, and create your cabinets all for affordable costs.

Commercial Cabinets

Commercial Cabinets – MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is also a popular choice for custom commercial cabinets, as we are able to create cabinets at any scale and sell all of our items at competitive, near-wholesale prices. Our built in cabinets are the right choice for commercial properties of all sizes, including office complexes, restaurants, schools, and more.

We also have countertops available to help you finish the work, and all of our countertops are fabricated right here, in house, so that you are getting all of your service from our amazing team. Your cabinets give you the appearance and functionality that you are looking for, all in modern, classic, and alternative styles that meet your desired needs.

Our Local Cabinetry Services

We consider ourselves more than “just” a kitchen and bath shop. In many ways, we’re your partner in designing your next remodel or property upgrade. From the designers that we have on our team, to the size of our store room, to the products we select (all of which have the best reviews, and many of them are local to the area), MacLaren is here to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need:


Here at our large showroom in West Chester, you are more than welcome to browse around, or we can have one of our designers walk with you (socially distanced, of course) to show you all the products that we have available, and help guide your inspiration.


At our design center, our designers will work with your vision to determine which cabinetry would look best in your home and map out a plan for your property. You’ll be able to see what we’ll be able to create, and envision your kitchen, bathroom, or other space in its final form. If you’re planning to order countertops from us, we can show you that as well.


Once we have your design approved, our builders will get all the measurements they need and get to work. Each one is carefully made to fit your space perfectly, using high quality materials and newest design techniques.


Finally, our installers will head to your location and start the remodel process. We are as careful as possible, and use our years of experience to make sure your final design is exactly as you envisioned, down to the finishing touches.

All of our countertops are customizable, and we have so many designs to choose from that we are sure that you’ll find the style that matches your personality, space, and budget.

Types of Cabinetry We Design and Install for Your Remodel

Cabinets can go almost anywhere, and we have built cabinets in hallways, breakrooms, offices/workstations, and more. But built in cabinets are most commonly found in the kitchen and bathroom.

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Kitchen Cabinets and Cabinetry

Planning a kitchen starts with the cabinets. Not only do you have to choose the designs that you’ll be using for the custom cabinets and door fronts, but the placement of the cabinets affects the functionality of the kitchen itself. For example, as you’re planning your cabinets, you’ll need to consider:

These questions may seem overwhelming, but you and your local cabinet designer will work together to determine the answers to these different questions to walk you through how often you plan to cook, how you cook, what your family is like, what kinds of appliances or dishes you store, and more.

You’ll go through the process together in the design center, and by the time it is completed, you’ll have a good sense of both what your kitchen will look like when it is finished and how you and your family or workplace will adapt to your new kitchen design. Most people end up enjoying this process, as it is the first time you’ll be able to see the final design.

Our custom kitchen cabinet pricing is affordable, and our work is guaranteed to be exactly as you and the designers envisioned.

Bathroom Vanities and Cabinetry

Built in custom bathroom cabinet add value to a property and last longer than other types of pre-made vanity designs. At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, you can find examples of how our bathroom cabinets look within your property, and give yourself ideas for what type of layout you would like, how you want the sinks to be set up, and more.

In addition to bathroom vanities, we can also create full height cabinets for storing towels, toilet paper, and other items, along with floating vanities and other niche designs that are growing in popularity throughout the region.

We’re also happy to partner with general contractors that need a licensed, insured, and bonded team to create and install custom bathroom cabinetry near you. Ask us about our experience with local contractors and examples of the quality of our work.


Contact Information | (610) 436-5436

Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry is our specialty, and while we’re best known for kitchens and bathrooms, we can create custom cabinets throughout a home or office, providing a long lasting place for storage and use. Examples include:

Office Cabinets

In residential properties, more and more people are working from home. Custom cabinetry adds a sense of professionalism to the workspace and provides plenty of room for important documents and items. In commercial properties, important offices can use cabinetry both for storage and security, as the contents cannot be taken from a property.

Break Room Cabinets

Commercial properties that have a dedicated dining area or break room can use our cabinets to provide space for utensils and other items, as well as make the space feel more professional and inviting.

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Outdoor cabinets need to be designed with specific woods and finishes to make sure that they withstand the elements. We can walk you through what options are available.

Laundry Room Cabinets

Those that have a dedicated laundry room often find that cabinetry is a useful way to store detergents, cleaners, and more, all in a way that is visually appealing and potentially safer for families.

TV/Game Room Cabinets

Though less common with mounted TVs, some families like to install cabinetry as a way to hide gaming consoles, Blu-ray players, DVD collections, and other items that may be an eyesore when left out.

Built in Cabinets, and More

Built in cabinets can be placed anywhere. They are growing in popularity in hallways and dining rooms, adding more storage and potentially functional space throughout a home.

Our custom cabinets can meet essentially any need, with designs that are exactly your style and made for your specific project.  

Brands We Offer

The quality of custom cabinetry is found within the brands. We personally review each and every custom cabinet manufacturer to determine if they meet our criteria, and only show those that offer high quality cabinets, fair pricing, and designs that differ from cabinet makers that we already use. We always look at all the reviews of the products, and check each one out ourselves to ensure quality.

waypoint living spacess

Waypoint Cabinets

We have the 600 series, 500 series, and 400 series, and can provide you with a catalog of the different lines and models.

mouser cabinetry

Mouser Cabinets

We are one of the only local Mouser Cabinetry dealers in the state. The Mouser brand is known for their excellent construction.

green forest

Green Forest Cabinetry

Green Forest provides quality cabinetry on a budget, with affordable wholesale costs that fit both kitchens and bathrooms.

wolf home products

Wolf Cabinetry

Wolf is an outstanding cabinet manufacturer for essentially any type of project, with dozens of different styles to choose from - many of which are available in our showroom.

We are also always partnering with other custom cabinetry builders provided they pass our quality inspection and offer something that our current manufacturers cannot. Customization Options : When you work with our designers, you will get to choose form countless customization options and styles. The following are some examples of the different options you may consider.

Cabinet Types

You’re going to first start with the types of cabinets. If you’re new to remodeling, cabinet boxes tend to come in specific sizes and styles:

Island Cabinets

Island cabinets are base cabinets, but they are connected together in typically a squire or custom shape and are freestanding in the middle of a room rather than against a wall.

Full Height Base Cabinet

Full height base cabinets are cabinets that go from floor to ceiling. They can be used to create added storage when counterspace isn't necessary, or they can create a "built in" look for refrigerators and other appliances, by placing them against a wall. Many people use them as a de-facto pantry (sometimes referring to them as "pantry cabinets")

Wall Cabinets

These are the cabinets that typically touch the ceiling, and hand onto a wall rather than sit on the floor. In kitchens, many people have base cabinets on the bottom and wall cabinets above, with the space in between used for appliances and cooking.

Vanity Cabinets

Used in bathrooms, the vanity is where you'll find the sink, mirror, and more. Cabinets and drawers tend to be smaller to organize the many different products that people use on their face and body.

Base Cabinets

These are the cabinets that touch the floor, and typically stand about 35 to 36 inches with countertops.

Sizes are typically measured in depth and width. Base cabinets are almost always 24″ deep. Wall cabinets are usually 12″ in depth, smaller than base cabinets to create more open space and prevent injury. Width of the cabinets can very considerably, but are usually measured in 2″ increments, 12″ all the way to 48″. It is normal to have a mix of different widths both to fit your space and make it easier to store different items. Some cabinets, like corner cabinets, may be even wider.

There will need to be space for the oven, refrigerator, microwave (if built in) and sink. Sometimes it’s helpful to have these on hand already for exact measurements, especially if you’re using any built-in appliances.

In kitchens, many cabinets have drawers and shelves inside behind a cabinet door. Others have a drawer front instead of an exterior door. You and your designer will talk about these different functionalities and what they both offer.

Door Fronts and Designs

The cabinets themselves are typically well constructed boxes. But the personality of the cabinets comes from the fronts, which are typically doors and draws that have a specific style to them. 

Within our store, along with our catalogs from the manufacturers, you’ll find cabinets in essentially every style:


For cabinet fronts, you may want to consider styles that include shaker, slab, beveled, beadboard, inset, glass, and many others. You’ll also want to take a look at different designers, as each has their own twist to these door front styles that helps the, fit into your vision.

Colors and Other Design Options

Cabinets have traditionally been a natural or stained wood color. But over the years, alternative colors have become increasingly popular, including grey kitchen cabinets, white bathroom and kitchen cabinets, and many others. But your vision is your vision, and we’re pleased to be able to offer finishes in almost every color you can envision. If you’d like, we can find you cabinets in colors that include:


It’s also possible for us to create two-toned cabinets, which are growing in popularity – especially in kitchens. When combining these different color cabinets with the different door fronts, it becomes possible to have a kitchen that no one has ever created before.

Wholesale Cabinets for Your Remodeling Project

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is the best choice for custom cabinets in West Chester. It’s why we’re also the top cabinetry shop for Philadelphia, Media, Rose Valley, Glen Mills, Downingtown, Villanova, and more. We’re a short drive away and our installers are happy to build your cabinets anywhere within driving distance.

We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry, and our family owned business strives to bring you the best possible service we can. Come schedule an appointment with us online to see our showroom in person, or give us a call at (610) 436-5436 to ask any questions you have, speak to a designer, or learn more about all of our different cabinetry and countertop options.