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Custom Cabinetry – Design to Installation in the Greater Philadelphia Area

There is nothing quite like custom cabinets. When you are involved in every aspect of the design process, the final product is one that works with you – cabinets that reflect your individual tastes, offer the right functionality where you need it, and include all the subtle features that you quickly find you can’t live without.

Cabinet Lines:

  • Craft-Maid
  • Mouser
  • Waypoint
  • Jeffery Alexander Vanities
  • North Point
  • Open Air
  • Wolf Classic

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath is a full service custom cabinetry company in the West Chester and Philadelphia area. With on-site designers to help you create the cabinets that will excel in your space to installers that bring the design to life in your kitchen or bathroom, we provide cabinets and countertops that make your home stand apart.

Our custom cabinetry represents the leading designs, highest quality products, and most competitive prices on the market today.

Get inspired or start the design process at our showroom by calling us at 610-436-5436.

Why Choose MacLaren?

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a family owned, local business that serves the custom cabinetry needs of southern Pennsylvania. With a showroom in West Chester, we are conveniently located near Kennett Square, Glen Mills, Downingtown, and more, and can offer installation services throughout the region.

We are customer focused, and dedicated to creating unique, high quality cabinets that fit whatever needs your family or commercial property has, no matter how complex.

Our showroom contains over 40,000 square feet of inspirational cabinetry designs and styles where you can get an in person idea of how your custom cabinets will look in your home.

When you are ready to get started, we have:

  • Best Prices – Custom cabinetry does not have to mean expensive. Our quality cabinets are competitively priced and there are attractive choices that will fit any budget.
  • Limitless Options – A 40,000 square foot showroom means there are thousands of combinations available for cabinets. With custom cabinetry especially, we can realize almost any style or functional solution you can think of for your property. 
  • Full Service Solutions – We design, and install custom cabinets that your entire remodel can be started and completed at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, making the process convenient and giving you complete guidance at every step.

In addition to having one of the largest showrooms in the state, we are also dealers of high quality cabinet brands that cannot be found elsewhere in the greater Philadelphia area. Many of the options in custom cabinetry are only available locally in our showroom and our team is ready to help you incorporate them into your home.

We are also the area’s leading designer and fabricator of custom countertops. To complete your kitchen or bathroom remodel, we can create a countertop alongside your custom cabinets to give you the most cohesive look possible.

About Our Custom Cabinetry

With a showroom and inventory as large as ours, there is little we cannot do in terms of custom cabinets.

We can design and fabricate:

  • Residential Custom Cabinets – Homeowners make up the majority of our clients and we have extensive experience in building cabinets for any room of your home. We get to know your individual style and more about the rest of your home so that we can support you in designing custom cabinets for your kitchen, bath, office, and more.
  • Commercial Custom Cabinets – When special storage options are needed at offices, businesses, stores, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, and other commercial properties, we can create the right cabinets for the usage and the space. Our commercial cabinet designs provide functionality and durability while complementing the look of your space.

We provide semi-custom and completely custom cabinetry, each with many options to choose from. Semi-custom cabinets offer design possibilities and modifications at an affordable price. Custom cabinets can be designed with almost any features, shape, or look that you can imagine, giving you a one of a kind solution for your home.

Centra/Mouser custom Cabinetry in Fairmont door style
cabinets and counters in Wayne PA
Custom Quartz Countertops
Custom Silestone White Zues Quartz Countertops PA

Types of Custom Cabinets for Every Room

Cabinets are standard in kitchens and bathrooms where their storage is a necessity. But the storage options can be optimized anywhere, in any room and at any property. With our available options, custom built in cabinets can also be an attractive feature wherever they are installed.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. From preparing meals to entertaining guests, the kitchen can be a gathering place and one where you spend much of your time. Custom kitchen cabinets allow you to transform your kitchen into a place that represents your family, where you can look forward to spending time, and take pride in welcoming guests.

Our custom kitchen cabinets start with standard cabinet boxes that are used to create the cabinet types:

  • Base Cabinets – Also called lower cabinets, these rest on the floor with the backs against the wall and reach a height up to 36”. They are often 24” deep and strong enough to provide the base for a countertop.
  • Wall Cabinets – These cabinets are hung on a wall, often over countertops in a kitchen to keep the workspace beneath open while still offering storage. They are often 12” deep, but can be made with custom measurements when needed.
  • Full Height Cabinets/Pantry Cabinets – Standing on the floor like a base cabinet, full height cabinets can reach as high as the ceiling. They provide maximum storage and can also house appliances. Their full length gives them a built in look where they are installed.
  • Island Cabinets – Another form of base cabinets, islands are freestanding. The island cabinets can be built to bar or counter height, or include both heights in a dramatic waterfall island. Island cabinets often incorporate doors, drawers, and open space to leave room for dining.
  • Wine Cabinets, and More – We have cabinets to hold and display your wine collection, spices, or any other items in your kitchen, and can custom design them for the way they’ll be used.

From here, the combination of design options for custom kitchen cabinets enables you to customize all of the other characteristics of your cabinetry. Materials, shape, finish, hardware, and interior features will make custom cabinets that are adaptable to your kitchen.

Custom Bathroom Cabinets

A vanity is a standard part of most bathrooms, there to provide space for the sink and its components as well as storage for toiletries. Our custom bathroom vanities include traditional vanity cabinets, wall hung cabinets, or free standing vanities, along with hundreds of appearance options to fit any bathroom.

We can also design bathroom cabinet storage with full height and custom height cabinets to create additional storage throughout your bathroom. By customizing the width of cabinets, we can create solutions for spacious master bathrooms to small powder rooms by taking advantage of the space available.

Other Custom Cabinetry

When you want to create storage options for any room in your home – and even spaces outside your home – we have custom solutions. We can design and build custom:

  • Outdoor Cabinets – Cabinets for outdoor kitchens, bars, storage on your pool deck, or other locations are made to prioritize resistance to weather. We can suggest water and UV resistant materials and designs that increase the usability of your outdoor space.
  • Office Cabinets – In either a home or professional office, built in cabinets provide needed organizational space and a striking look.
  • Breakroom Cabinets, and More – At your company, breakroom cabinets can create a more functional space for employees and visitors in addition to a welcoming and professional environment.

Our custom cabinetry begins with a range of questions to determine where they will be placed, how they will be used, and what design styles you are seeking. With that basis, we can develop cabinets for any location or need.

Customization Options for Your Custom Cabinets

Designing custom cabinets for your home makes it possible to create cabinetry that corresponds to your needs and lifestyle. Whether you want to optimize cabinets for storage and organization, entertaining, durability, luxury, or another feature, custom designs allow for any of these options.

After choosing the layout of custom cabinets, including where base cabinets, wall cabinets, full height cabinets, and other types will be used, we walk you through the other options like shelving, drawer placement, and other custom accessories like built in wine racks and sliding shelves.

This is also when we consider your planned or existing appliances. With exact measurements, the appliances in your kitchen or fixtures in your bathroom should have a built in appearance when surrounded by cabinets.

The other reason for selecting custom cabinets over stock designs is complete control over the appearance, and a greater ability to fit any type of space.

We can assist you in creating cabinets that fit with your preferred styles and any aesthetics already in your home, offering options for almost every style including:

  • Traditional
  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Contemporary
  • Mediterranean, MCM, and More

Long used in kitchens and cabinets throughout homes, wood continues to be a primary material for custom cabinets. Wood choices include maple, walnut, cherry, oak, and more. Even among these woods, different grains and colors lead to further customization.

Wood cabinets fall into two categories – solid wood and wood veneer. Solid wood cabinets are constructed entirely from hardwood. Wood veneer cabinets use a plywood or similar substrate and apply the hardwood veneer of your choice over that substrate. The result has the same appearance as solid wood, but is lighter and more affordable.

But custom cabinetry offers options beyond traditional hardwoods as well. Pressure treated laminates, acrylics, and foils are increasingly popular alternatives to wood. There are those designed to imitate wood without the cost of hardwood. Others are chosen for their durability, affordability, or to complete a sleek and modern kitchen. 

Wood cabinets are finished to match your final design. Of the many finishing options, there are only a few limitations based on what is compatible with the underlying material choice. The range of finishes can be used singly or combined in different ways to create color palettes, design styles, and focal points in a kitchen or bathroom.

Choices in finishes for wood cabinets include:

  • Stain – Stains apply color to the wood beneath but are transparent and let the natural wood grain show through. Stains come in a range anywhere from neutral wood tones to dark shades or brighter colors.
  • Paint – A paint finish opens your color options up extensively, with any color or shade a possibility. Current trends include white, grey, and two tone color schemes that use one color on the base cabinets or island and another on the wall cabinets.
  • Varnish and Lacquer – These resin based sealants are types of protective coating that increases the resistance to wear. They are added after painting and staining.
  • Glaze – Glazes can be applied to either painted or stained cabinets. They are usually used to highlight a particular area of the cabinet, such as the edge or bevel on a door front. Glazes usually contain pigment but are otherwise transparent.

Laminate cabinets or those made from bases other than wood do not use these finishes. Instead, colors, textures, and gloss are part of the laminate, meaning there are few limits to customization options regardless of the cabinetry material.

Custom Cabinet Door Fronts, Drawers, Pulls, Lighting, and More

Materials, colors, and layout will be the first thing people notice about your custom cabinets when they enter your kitchen or office, but the more subtle details are where custom cabinets really stand apart from stock or even semi-custom cabinets.

You get to choose every detail of your cabinet’s interior and exterior. For those seeking a specific design style, our team can suggest the options that match the style. Alternatively, we can guide you through each of the available options in custom cabinetry.

Door fronts have a large impact on the style and outward appearance of cabinets, even as much as the material choices in some cases.

For both the drawers and doors, we can design:

  • Shaker Cabinets 
  • Beveled Cabinets 
  • Slab Cabinets 
  • Beadboard Cabinets 
  • Glass Inlay Cabinets 

Inset door fronts are a sleek look that can be combined with other styles for clean lines in a kitchen. With the inset style, the drawers and doors rest flush with the cabinet frame instead of on top of it. The look was created to imitate vintage cabinets, but is currently trending.

The knobs or pulls are another place where function and appearance will combine. The door handles should be easy for your family to use and able to withstand the expected use they will see in the area where your cabinets are installed.

Beyond that, appearance options to complement your cabinets include:

  • Materials – Door pulls have a variety of metal looks, including nickel, brass, and bronze. There are also options for ceramic, glass, or wood handles.
  • Finish – Polished, brushed, antique, oil rubbed, and other finishes offer additional customization for hardware.

Other features offer convenience and luxury to your custom cabinets. Integrated lighting can turn glass front cabinets into display opportunities or make navigating your storage easier. Cushion close hinges ensure that doors and drawers will close gently every time.

Throughout the design process, we keep in mind where the cabinets will be installed and make suggestions that will look good while still meeting any functionality needs. In a kitchen or high traffic break room, for instance, we can recommend the materials, hardware, and finishes that will withstand frequent wear.

Our Custom Cabinetry Design Process

The world of custom cabinetry can be overwhelming. Even if you have an idea of what you want, there may be dozens of details you have not yet considered. Custom cabinets are an investment in your own comfort and convenience and in the value of your property. You want to be sure you have gotten every feature and design element you want.

Our designers are ready to help. They are experts in our inventory of custom cabinet options and all design standards. From explaining the terminology and process of cabinet making to outlining every available option, they will help you decide all the details – technical and aesthetic – to meet your specifications. For those just beginning the remodel process who haven’t yet settled on a design, we can also help translate your preferences and lifestyle into a custom cabinet plan.

As well as being professional and friendly, our services are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured

Get started by scheduling a time to visit our West Chester showroom. There is no better place in Philadelphia, West Chester, or the surrounding area to get inspiration for your custom kitchen or bathroom remodel and a member of our team will walk with you through the extensive cabinetry options we offer.

Take the first step by calling us at 610-436-5436 or requesting an appointment through our online form.

Custom Cabinetry FAQs

Because every item is custom, and the prices can very not only between brands, but between styles and complexity, there is no simple way to provide a cost without a consultation. We always provide the lowest cost we can, so please consider coming to visit our showroom.

We can... We mainly provide cabinets, countertops, and backsplash provider. If you have not yet purchased appliances for your kitchen or bath, we can still plan around the appliances you plan to buy or talk to you about options and steps.

Yes! We can talk about this at your consultation.

Part of being a custom cabinetry provider and working with so many custom cabinet manufacturers is that it is rare to request a style of cabinet that we do not have. Even if you do not see the style you would like in our showroom, our designers can partner with you to look through the catalogs we have on hand and see what options may be available to order.

Yes. Countertops are another service we offer to our remodeling clients, in addition to our cabinets. We also provide fabrication of our countertops, and can install them on site when they're ready. Many of our clients appreciate that they can use us as a single stop for their remodel, reducing the number of contractors they need to hire and manage.

Yes! Even though we are a family owned business, we have an amazing team that is always ready to handle any type of project that may come our way.

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