Island Cabinets and Installation

Island Cabinets and Installation in West Chester, Philadelphia, and Beyond

A kitchen island can be a functional addition to any kitchen. Island cabinets offer more storage space, bring the room together, and provide a countertop for cooking, dining, or working. This is why island cabinets add value and convenience to your kitchen. 

Choosing the right cabinetry for your kitchen island is essential to making sure the overall design works for your needs. At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, we have custom island cabinets with services to take you from design to installation. Our custom kitchen islands use the highest quality cabinetry on the market at competitive prices, designed by some of the nation’s leading cabinet brands. 

If you are adding or replacing island cabinets to your kitchen remodel, visit our showroom in West Chester or call us at (610) 436-5436 to learn more about what we offer.

In-Island Warming Drawer and Oven with plenty of storage

Custom Island Cabinets from MacLaren Kitchen and Bath

Islands are unique to the kitchen. Everything from the size of the cabinets to their shape to the way they open can be customized, with depths and widths that are essentially open to any design ideas you have. 

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath is the leading provider of custom island cabinets in West Chester, Philadelphia, and all of the surrounding towns in the Tri-State area. We are a family owned and operated business with an inventory range that encompasses almost every style, design feature, and price point for custom island cabinets to help you choose the designs that match you the most. 

We combine this with our personalized design services, where you’ll be connected to a team member that can help you work through what your needs will be and make sure that you’re electing for the island cabinets that will best suit your needs. 

Residential Kitchen Island Cabinets

Many homeowners consider island cabinets in the process of remodeling their kitchens. They provide more function while living in the home, and are known for their ability to increase the value of a property by offering more counterspace and better visual appeal. But since no two homes are the same, we have an impressive selection to match different styles and needs.

Our residential island cabinets and installation services range from the affordable to the high tier, and no matter which design styles you choose, you can feel confident that you’re getting the best in high quality craftsmanship to last you a lifetime. 

Commercial Kitchen Island Cabinets

Island cabinets are not only a feature of home kitchens. Commercial kitchens, office kitchens, and even businesses without a kitchen can add island cabinets in to provide additional space to work and store products.

We can create island cabinets for:

  • Restaurants and Cafes
  • Retail Stores
  • Schools and Hospitals
  • Office Break Rooms

With options that emphasize functionality, durability, affordability, and appearance, we can help you create island cabinets specifically for your commercial property, designed to withstand frequent use and the type of storage that you’ll need to manage your business.

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Custom White Posts and Traditional Mullions with shallow Cabinets and Clear Glass Inserts
Custom Silestone White Zues Quartz Countertops PA

Island Cabinet Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services 

Our showroom is one of the largest in the state with over 40,000 square feet of cabinets on display. We have many kitchen islands and samples to help guide your choices, as well as a team in our design center that can walk you through all of the styles and setups that are available for your budget. 

The design team can work with you to translate styles and ideas into a complete set of plans for your custom kitchen island. Each of our designers has extensive experience in the field, and can help you select the right choices.

From there, we work with a number of trusted fabrication partners to turn your island cabinets from a plan into a reality. These cabinet makers take the precise measurements of your island and build the cabinets to your specifications. They use the latest fabrication techniques to create quality pieces that will last the life of your kitchen.

We are cabinet installers too with licensed and insured installation services in the area. Once your island cabinets are ready, we can install them in your kitchen or wherever needed in your home or business.

We also fabricate custom countertops with extensive options for materials, designs, shapes, and more. This makes it possible to create your entire kitchen island in one place where we can match your counter and cabinets exactly.

Design Options for Our Island Cabinets 

At their foundation, island cabinets are a base cabinet – a cabinet that rests on the floor. Unlike other base cabinets in your kitchen, however, island base cabinets are free standing and generally unconnected from the wall and other cabinets in the room.

The standard height for these cabinets is 36 inches, although 42 inches is also popular for kitchen islands that will incorporate a bar height dining space, and the actual height may vary depending on the countertop material and the height your family is most comfortable with. 

Beyond being a base cabinet, there are infinite possibilities for island cabinets. They can be made to match a variety of styles and customized to optimize their functionality in different kitchens or settings.

Layout options to consider when planning your island cabinets include:

  • Custom Shaped Island Cabinets – Many island cabinets use a square or rectangular shape, but custom built cabinets can be designed in any shape. L-shaped and T-shaped islands add a dynamic look to a kitchen space, or you can choose a shape specific to your kitchen’s layout. There are also curved islands, popular with larger spaces. 
  • Islands with Appliances – An island can have space built in between cabinets for an oven, dishwasher, wine fridge, sink, or microwave. If you anticipate integrating appliances with your island cabinets, we will use the appliances’ measurements to build cabinets around them, giving them a more built in look.
  • Multi-Level Kitchen Islands – It is also possible to create islands of two heights, one at bar height and one at counter height. We can create cabinetry that melds the two levels together and maximizes storage and seating options.

If you plan to have a waterfall island, with a countertop that goes down on both sides, we can assist there as well with choosing the sizes and doors that best fit countertops and your space. Your island can contain a mixture of vertical cupboard doors, sliding drawers, and open shelving. The height of shelves inside your cabinets is also a consideration. If you are planning on a dining space, you will also need the appropriate leg room within your cabinets for that, taking into account how large an overhang you plan to use. 

The type and arrangement of the storage you choose will depend on the items you plan on keeping in your island cabinets and the layout to ensure you have easy access to the different cabinets throughout the island.

Style is also an important factor in the selection of shelving and doors. Open shelves create more visual space that can make a kitchen seem larger, but make it difficult to hide utility hook ups and messy storage. The doors beneath the bar space may also need to be created in such a way that cabinet pulls do not hit the knees of those sitting to eat. 

Cabinet Materials

Wood has long been the material of choice for island cabinets. The variety of woods offer a range of options in terms of appearance and different features, such as durability. Wooden island cabinets can be incorporated into kitchens of almost any style, including contemporary, traditional, rustic, mid century modern, and Mediterranean. 

We offer a range of solid wood cabinets for islands. We also can create cabinets in a variety of colors for looks that range from bold and modern to vintage.

Popular options for island cabinet materials include:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Cherry
  • Walnut, and Others

When incorporating color into your cabinetry, it is possible to make your island cabinets the same tone as the rest of your kitchen or to use a two-toned color scheme. Some people also choose to use cabinets of one color for your island, and a contrasting or complementary color for the other cabinets in your kitchen for a unique look. 

Custom Island Cabinet Door Fronts 

Perhaps the most important design element of your island cabinets are the door fronts. This is the style used on the door and drawers that is visible to the viewer. Since this part of a cabinet is always on display, even subtle differences can have a large impact on style.

While shape and materials are key, the door fronts are what makes cabinetry fit into a certain design aesthetic.

We have the ability to create cabinets for islands in all common styles like:

  • Shaker Cabinets – This is a five piece door that features a recessed center panel framed by stiles on the vertical sides and rails on the top and bottom. They fit a range of styles from modern to more traditional with the option for decorative detailing to a more simple and clean appearance.
  • Glass Cabinets – Glass cabinets have a glass insert surrounded by a frame. In an island, they are an alternative to open shelving and often used as an accent on the end of an island. Mullioned glass can provide additional visual benefits. 
  • Inset Cabinets – These cabinets fit inside the frame of the cabinet box so that they are flush with the cabinet’s edge. The insets can be further customized to match a particular style including traditional, modern, craftsman, and more. The precision necessary for inset cabinets makes this a higher end option that stands out on a kitchen island.
  • Slab Cabinets – Also known as flat panel, these are a simple panel without frames. Their sleek and minimalist style works well on modern and contemporary kitchen islands. 
  • Beveled Cabinets – A type of shaker cabinet, beveled cabinets differ from the standard shaker by incorporating a slant in the angle between the stiles and rails to the center panel. This gives the door fronts a softer look than the right angle on traditional shaker cabinets.
  • Beadboard Cabinets – Beadboard is made of several vertical planks of wood that have a ridge, called a “bead,” between each plan. They are often seen in farmhouse kitchens and provide a more vintage look.

We typically have samples of each of these styles in our showroom so that you can get a better idea for what matches your style most. Alternatively, our designers can use their knowledge of styles and your personality to suggest which door front options will look best in your kitchen island, and show you additional options if these do not quite fit your vision.

Our Brands and Fabricators

The cabinet manufacturing process is done by one of the industry’s leading cabinet makers. We carry these company’s products only after extensive research and reviews on both the quality of materials and fabrication. Every set of island cabinets they produce are made to a high standard.

A variety of fabricators means we can offer island cabinets in different styles and for different budgets.

The cabinetry brands we carry include:

  • Mouser Cabinets – With over 60 years of experience in cabinetry, Mouser is a well regarded brand with superior craftsmanship. We are one of the few authorized dealers to sell these cabinets in Pennsylvania.
  • Green Forest Cabinetry – Green Forest creates affordable cabinets in modern styles. They have a range of options and colors for kitchen islands with options that work for a kitchen remodel on a budget.
  • Waypoint Cabinets – Waypoint emphasizes the combination of beauty and function with cabinets that are attractive, durable, and built with high quality parts. For islands cabinets that see frequent activity, these can be a long lasting and attractive option.
  • Wolf Cabinetry – Cabinets from Wolf are high quality with hundreds of options across price points and styles. Their fabrication process is fast and produces cabinets to your design requirements.

We also work with a number of smaller cabinet makers, some of the local companies. These are an ideal option when your kitchen island entails special features or a unique design that is not possible from mainstream manufacturers.

These individual cabinet makers achieve the same standard as the larger companies while enabling us to make almost any design possible.

Why Choose Island Cabinets from MacLaren

Even after you have made the decision to incorporate a kitchen island into your remodel, the cabinetry choices available can be overwhelming. That is where our team comes in. From style to technical details, we have a group of expert cabinet designers ready to help you achieve your goals. A member of our design center will work individually with you to determine your desired look, features, and functions.

We encourage our customers to use our showroom as a source of inspiration. When working with a designer, they will make suggestions that they believe will fit the goals for your renovation. Our showroom makes it possible to see all your choices in person so you know what your island cabinets will look like before fabrication begins.

Our design services are only one of the reasons that clients in West Chester, Philadelphia, and the surrounding region trust MacLaren Kitchen and Bath with their kitchen cabinet remodels.

Other reasons include:

  • Selection – 40,000 square feet of products in our showroom means there are few styles of kitchen islands we cannot create for you, many of which are only available locally here. If you have design ideas in mind, we likely have multiple options that match your plans. You can also use a walk through our showroom to gather inspiration.
  • Full Service – We have members of our team available to help you with design and installation, making us the company that can handle your entire remodel. Not only can we do kitchen islands, but we also provide custom countertops, other kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and many others. We can be your partner in any home or commercial property renovation project.
  • Quality – We choose only the highest quality cabinets, no matter whether choosing an affordable option or a high end design. We believe that it is important to make sure that you’re satisfied with your selection for decades to come, and our choices for cabinets and quality of their construction reflect that commitment. 

As a family owned local business, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath has always been dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction. We are always ready to answer your questions, provide recommendations, and offer the products you need to make your home remodel as you dreamed it.

Every member of our team pays attention to the details to ensure we are always delivering the best possible island cabinets, countertops, and other fixtures. Alongside our knowledge of cabinetry and remodeling, our ability to incorporate your ideas into finished designs, and our enjoyment in working with our customers, we are the partner you need for your kitchen remodel.

Create Island Cabinets for Your Remodel at Our Showroom

Remodeling your kitchen can be both exciting and stressful. If this is your first remodel, you likely have questions about the process, the different options, and what to choose for your island cabinets. At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, we want to take the stress out of the process. This begins with our personable and friendly customer service that is here to offer you the assistance you need.

We also make it easy by putting everything in one place. All your options and our design center are at our showroom at 1135 Phoenixville Pike in West Chester, eliminating the need to go from place to place to find island cabinets that match your style. Instead we have all that you need here.

Make an appointment to visit us through the online form or call us at 610-436-5436.

Island Cabinets and Installation FAQs

Because every item is custom, and the prices can very not only between brands, but between styles and complexity, there is no simple way to provide a cost without a consultation. We always provide the lowest cost we can, so please consider coming to visit our showroom.

We can... We mainly provide cabinets, countertops, and backsplash provider. If you have not yet purchased appliances for your kitchen or bath, we can still plan around the appliances you plan to buy or talk to you about options and steps.

Yes! We can talk about this at your consultation.

Part of being a custom cabinetry provider and working with so many custom cabinet manufacturers is that it is rare to request a style of cabinet that we do not have. Even if you do not see the style you would like in our showroom, our designers can partner with you to look through the catalogs we have on hand and see what options may be available to order.

Yes. Countertops are another service we offer to our remodeling clients, in addition to our cabinets. We also provide fabrication of our countertops, and can install them on site when they're ready. Many of our clients appreciate that they can use us as a single stop for their remodel, reducing the number of contractors they need to hire and manage.

Yes! Even though we are a family owned business, we have an amazing team that is always ready to handle any type of project that may come our way.

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