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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets in Philadelphia and Beyond with MacLaren Kitchen and Bath

Cabinets are what give a kitchen form and function. Every custom cabinet is built for your space, designed to enhance the look of your kitchen and provide you with a storage and structure that will last for decades. That is why it is so important to take the time to pick the materials and style that is best suited for long term use.

Perhaps nowhere is this as important, however, as it is with outdoor kitchen cabinets. Not only are these cabinets often the focal point of a backyard, but the materials, structure, and design will need to be able to provide usable space and withstand the elements – something that is especially important in our region, with its harsh winters and hot, humid summers.
MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a custom cabinetry and countertop company with over 40,000 square feet of showroom space and personalized, individual support from our design staff. We are able to provide the highest quality outdoor kitchen cabinets, designed to handle our year long weather changes while also giving you a beautifully designed, custom look that you’ll appreciate for as long as you own your home.

Come see what makes our custom outdoor kitchen cabinets such a popular choice in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets from MacLaren Kitchen & Bath

Built in custom outdoor kitchen cabinets turn a usable space into one that is visually stunning and adds value to any property. Long before COVID-19, more and more residential and commercial properties were turning their outdoor space into one that offered more functionality, finding that gathering outside was better for their physical and emotional needs. 

Now, outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular across a wide range of properties, and the outdoor kitchens that provide the best value are those with built-in, long lasting cabinets that can both provide added storage and improve the appearance of the space. 

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a custom cabinetry specialist. Family owned and operated, we also offer the most varieties of distinctive custom cabinet designs in the entire region, and have a team of experienced cabinet designers that knows how to work with spaces both large and small. Through our vast selection, we can direct you to the custom cabinets that are best for your outdoor space, able to show you firsthand a variety of great options to complement any backyard decor. 

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath’s selection and experience with custom outdoor kitchen cabinetry means that you’ll be able to find something that matches your vision and space. 

Residential Cabinetry

Outdoor kitchens are especially popular in residential backyards. Built-in outdoor cabinets increasingly so, as more and more homeowners are choosing to see these spaces as investments in their future rather than just a gathering area for a brief cookout. That makes it important to ensure that you’re getting the best possible value out of your cabinets, not only in the look of each one but in their ability to last. 

Working with our team, we can develop an outdoor kitchen plan that will not only look great – it will be designed for exactly how you envision your kitchen, using materials and designs that will withstand the tests of time. Our backyard kitchen cabinets are a great way to maximize your outdoor space and add value to your property, and if you need countertops, we can help there as well, as we are the leading custom countertop manufacturers for both indoor and outdoor countertops in the region. 

Commercial Cabinetry

Commercial kitchens tend to see a lot of use. Found in the back of restaurants, in the dining area of hotels, by bars, and more, form and function are extremely important. The cabinets for an outdoor commercial kitchen often experience a lot of use and abuse, so durability is critical. But this area is also representative of your business, which means that you cannot sacrifice the look of the kitchen.

With the ability to create cabinets that match your brand and the vibe you’re hoping to achieve, we have numerous options for high quality cabinetry that is built to last. Make sure to ask us about our countertops as well, as commercial kitchen benefit from materials with high durability. 

Cabinet Options for Any Property

Whether you’re seeking premiere quality cabinetry or looking for low cost cabinets on a budget, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is available to handle everything you need for your outdoor kitchen, no matter the type of property. 

Centra/Mouser custom Cabinetry in Fairmont door style
lowe basement
Custom Silestone White Zues Quartz Countertops PA

Full Service Outdoor Cabinet Design, Fabrication, and Installation

From initial planning to the final installation, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath handles the entire project from beginning to end. You’ll be able to work with our team in figuring out the cabinets that best fit the space and then know that our experienced, efficient, friendly team is going to be there to handle installation as well, saving you the pressures of finding others to manage the project. 

Our design process, which we have worked to perfect over the years, is here to get to know you as an individual, and better understand how we can meet both the functional and aesthetic needs of the patio. 

Our Design Process for Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

There are many benefits to custom cabinets for an outdoor space. Not only does custom design make it possible to get the exact style to fit your home, landscaping, and hardscaping, but we can also create cabinets that match your lifestyle.

Your outdoor cabinet design starts in the design center at our showroom where one of our trained team members try to better understand your style preferences, how you plan to use your outdoor kitchen space, and what special features will offer the personalization you need.

The intended purpose of your outdoor kitchen – gourmet cooking and grilling, entertaining, bar space, or another use – is part of determining the types of cabinets that will need to be included. Available space and the kinds of grilling, cooking, and serving ware you plan to store is another key element. This will allow us to assist you in building the layout of drawers and shelving. 

In addition to storage, we will discuss what appliances are included in your outdoor kitchen.

Cabinetry can incorporate appliances like:

  • Grills
  • Ranges
  • Pizza Ovens
  • Warmer Drawers
  • Refrigerators 
  • Sinks

If you have your appliances already, we will work with their measurements to ensure an accurate fit and give the appliances the perfect built in look. Our designers are also happy to discuss planned appliances or even work with you to decide what you need to build your ideal outdoor kitchen. From there, we’ll build the cabinetry with space for the appliances you can incorporate later.

There are smaller items too that can conveniently fit into cabinet space. We can also design cabinetry that has storage for propane tanks, trash cans, and the other items necessary to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Types of Outdoor Cabinets We Create

Like with the cabinets in your indoor kitchen, outdoor kitchen cabinets fit into one of a few types. These can be used singly or in combination depending on the size and the layout of your space.

The outdoor cabinet types we can create include:

  • Outdoor Base Cabinets – These cabinets rest on the ground and reach counter height at 36” tall. They can contain doors, shelving, and appliances and are finished with countertops.
  • Outdoor Island Cabinets – An outdoor island can contain your grill, a bar space, serving space, or prep space. Island cabinets provide the base of the island and, if desired, additional storage.
  • Outdoor Full height Base Cabinets – Full height cabinets can provide you with additional storage in a space. Although somewhat uncommon in outdoor kitchens, they still work well with kitchens that are enclosed in part by a wall.
  • Grill Cabinets – To give your grill a built in look, grill cabinets enclose the base of your grill. These are a special type of base cabinet and are a good way to provide storage for the items you need while grilling and work space on adjacent countertops.

The structure of the cabinets is called the cabinet box. With outdoor cabinets, an enclosed cabinet box can help keep out moisture and dust.

Each cabinet box generally has standardized measurements based on the type of cabinet. The depth of outdoor cabinets is 24” and the width can be anywhere from 1’ to 4’, although they typically increase or decrease by 2”.

To get both the types of cabinets and the layout that optimizes your available space, we use the measurements of your outdoor kitchen. Our design team will create plans that give you enough space to work and move while keeping everything you need in reach.

Design Styles and Considerations

Weather resistance is key with outdoor cabinets but never a reason to sacrifice appearances. Our vast inventory provides you with multiple options for materials that will last for years outdoors without damage exposure to sun, rain, and wind while still meeting your design needs. 

Material is perhaps the most important option in determining the final appearance of outdoor cabinets. Because there are weather considerations – especially here in the Pennsylvania region – it’s best to meet with one of our design team for us to walk through the different materials that make the most sense for an outdoor cabinet. We’re always honest about the pros and cons of any material, and can help you get a better idea of what needs to be considered. 

From more traditional wood to modern composites, there are materials for every budget and style. Stained woods provide a rustic or traditional outdoor kitchen while colored cabinets work in a modern or contemporary kitchen.

Colors popular with outdoor kitchens include:

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Our outdoor compatible cabinetry materials are on display in our showroom so that you can view and touch the available options for a clear impression of what your final outdoor cabinets will look like. If you already have a style or material in mind, we can show you the types of cabinets that meet your requirements. We can also help you narrow down a design or make recommendations for cabinetry you may not have considered.

While material may be the most visible part of your cabinet design, subtle details also play a part.

These details include door facings which come in options like:

  • Slab
  • Shaker
  • Beadboard
  • Beveled
  • Inset, and More

Our designers can also recommend hardware and hinges that will endure outdoor use without tarnishing or rusting. Like other stylistic choices, we have hardware available to compliment a range of styles while offering convenience features like soft-close doors, sliding shelving, and more.

With countertop design and fabrication services, we can also create a custom countertop for your outdoor space. We design your countertops alongside the cabinets for a more cohesive look and exact fit.

Fabrication and Installation Services for Your Outdoor Remodel 

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath offers full service cabinetry and guiding you through the design process is only the beginning. We eliminate the need for multiple services or contractors by also handling the fabrication and installation, when necessary, of your built in outdoor cabinets.

Once your designs are completed, they are sent to the cabinet manufacturer to be rendered exactly as envisioned. We are dealers for several of the top local and national cabinet makers, each with a range of options to meet your specific look and cost preferences.

Many outdoor kitchens require design styles or materials that the more mainstream cabinet manufacturers do not produce. In these cases, we have a range of smaller and sometimes local cabinet makers that can fabricate unique designs.

This range of cabinetry fabrication solutions means that almost any design is possible. We also only work with cabinet makers whose quality we can stand behind. For outdoor cabinets, that means we offer cabinetry solutions that are water and weather resistant, all of which are  made to last in the outdoors.

Finally, once the design is completed we have a licensed and insured team that can install your completed cabinets at your home. Our trained installers can place the cabinets according to the original plan and make any needed adjustments on the spot. They work quickly and precisely to complete your outdoor kitchen in a way that is attractive, functional, and long lasting.

Visit Our Showroom and Design Center to Get Started

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath has been supplying both indoor and outdoor cabinets for years. Our showroom, which boasts one of the largest floors and selections in the entire area, gives those interested in an outdoor kitchen a chance to really see all the different options out there and envision them in their home.

We’re also a local provider of the best countertops in the region. We can help you select a countertop that is safe for the outdoors and offers the right amount of resistance to damage based on your usage expectations. With granite, quartz, marble, and many others all available in our showroom, we can connect you to not only cabinets, but a matching countertop to finish off your outdoor project.

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is the best local choice for custom cabinetry, no matter where it is to be used.

If you’re ready to visit our showroom or speak to someone on our team please give us a call today at 610-436-5436 and we’d love to schedule an appointment for you or describe our services more in depth. 

Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets FAQs

Because every item is custom, and the prices can very not only between brands, but between styles and complexity, there is no simple way to provide a cost without a consultation. We always provide the lowest cost we can, so please consider coming to visit our showroom.

We can... We mainly provide cabinets, countertops, and backsplash provider. If you have not yet purchased appliances for your kitchen or bath, we can still plan around the appliances you plan to buy or talk to you about options and steps.

Yes! We can talk about this at your consultation.

Part of being a custom cabinetry provider and working with so many custom cabinet manufacturers is that it is rare to request a style of cabinet that we do not have. Even if you do not see the style you would like in our showroom, our designers can partner with you to look through the catalogs we have on hand and see what options may be available to order.

Yes. Countertops are another service we offer to our remodeling clients, in addition to our cabinets. We also provide fabrication of our countertops, and can install them on site when they're ready. Many of our clients appreciate that they can use us as a single stop for their remodel, reducing the number of contractors they need to hire and manage.

Yes! Even though we are a family owned business, we have an amazing team that is always ready to handle any type of project that may come our way.

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