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Countertop Replacement

Replacing the countertops in your home is an easy and inexpensive way to update the look of your Kitchen or Bath.  Updating your countertops can replace the worn or hard to maintain surfaces with a new, more maintenance-free one.

New countertops add elegance and beauty to the most frequented room in the house; they are not just the area in which you prepare and cook your meals. For this reason, the type of kitchen countertop you choose is a critical decision based on design and functionality. Finding a material and color that fits into your kitchen design and budget — whether its city chic or country charm — is very important; however, considering the needs of the end user is also critical. For example, some materials are easier to clean than others and there are a select few that need expensive maintenance regularly. You need to find the right type of kitchen countertops for you, whether it’s a custom concrete countertop or a Brazilian granite countertop — come to MacLaren Kitchen and Bath in West Chester, PAto speak to one of our countertop consultants and see all the samples and slabs we carry.

We offer thousands of countertop colors, styles, textures and materials to choose from, and also pair you with an expert designer who can marry your aesthetic tastes with your custom surface needs and budget.  We have been in the countertop business for over 30 years, so we have perfected countertop replacement and your installation will be 100% complete within one day.  Your convenience is our priority when it comes to countertop replacement. We are able to template and measure overtop of your existing surfaces, so removal doesn’t happen until the day of installation; leaving you free to keep using your space while your new surfaces are being custom fabricated to fit your design.

Imagine- Leaving for work, after serving your family breakfast, and returning to a brand new kitchen. Amazing, but in-fact a reality with MacLaren Kitchen and Bath!