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If you want the best craftsmanship for your countertop, you need to hire the #1 granite countertops West Chester PA company.

Granite, while not exactly a complex material to incorporate into your kitchen, it still needs meticulous craftsmanship in order to shine.

From the natural beauty of the stone to its longevity, granite is one of the most popular countertops in homes in Philadelphia, West Chester, and beyond. It is a material that can turn a kitchen into a showcase room, add luxury to a bathroom, withstand hot pans and sharp knives, and last a family a lifetime.

For a new granite countertop, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a local countertop supplier, fabricator, and installer. We have a showroom containing over 40,000 square feet of countertop and cabinetry options, in-house granite countertop fabrication, and a range of services to complete your remodel.

Learn more about our granite countertops by visiting our showroom. You can also schedule your countertop installation appointment by calling us at 610-436-5436.

About MacLaren’s Granite Countertops

At MacLaren Kitchen & Bath, we unite quality and service with all the products we offer. For our granite products, we source our stone slabs for countertops from providers that consistently meet our high standards while also maintaining a varied inventory of granite designs and styles to fit every kitchen and bathroom.

We are a family-owned and operated team of designers, fabricators, and installers. All of us prioritize helping each of our clients create the perfect countertop with the support they need to make the process straightforward and stress-free.

We make sure to offer you the best possible options so that you’re working with a granite countertop store near you that you can trust.

Our local customers choose us for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Hundreds of Choices – Our showroom has hundreds of granite designs and styles. While these many choices may seem overwhelming, our design team is here to walk you through each option.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured – Our installation team is licensed, insured, and bonded, guaranteed to meet the highest standards of quality with every service.
  • Competitive Prices – Our range of inventory and our own dedication to competitive pricing means that there are granite countertop options available for almost every remodeling budget.

In addition to countertops, we also offer custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, and storage throughout your home. We also offer other types of countertops – custom stone countertops, quartz countertops, Onur marble countertops, and all kinds of renovations.

Our single design center for kitchen cabinets and countertops with designers who are knowledgeable about all available options makes it possible to coordinate cabinetry and a granite slab for your remodeling project.

Types of Custom Granite Countertops We Fabricate

Custom Granite Countertops

Countertops are an essential part of your property, and granite is one of the best options wherever a countertop is needed. MacLaren Kitchen and Bath designs and fabricates custom granite slab countertops for any room.

We can make:

  • Granite Kitchen Countertops – Whichever aesthetic style you use in your kitchen, there is a granite slab countertop that can be customized to match and able to endure years of cooking and entertaining.
  • Granite Island Countertops – Whether used as dining spaces or workspaces, kitchen islands often see plenty of use. A granite countertop can withstand use and the size of an island offers extensive space to show off a granite slab’s design.
  • Granite Vanity Countertops – A granite bathroom countertop is attractive and is also resistant to moisture, heat, and bacteria that may be found in bathrooms.
  • Outdoor Granite Countertops – Granite is one of the best materials for an outdoor countertop. With regular resealing, it can withstand sun and rain without staining or deteriorating.

We can also design custom granite slab countertops for other spaces in your property such as utility rooms, pantries, home offices, entertainment rooms, and more. The functionality of granite makes it suited for almost any surface while the design options make it possible to choose a granite slab that fits with the space’s appearance.

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In addition to granite countertops, we also design and fabricate granite backsplashes. As opposed to a tile or wallpaper backsplash, a countertop backsplash extends the look and texture of the granite on the wall behind the counter. This gives your kitchen a more cohesive look and lends the protection of durable granite to walls that may otherwise be damaged by splashes or steam.

Granite kitchen backsplashes require precise measurements and detail-oriented fabrication so that they fit between countertops and cabinets. Our countertop building team is experienced in creating this design element and can incorporate a backsplash into your custom granite countertop design.

Granite countertops are an ideal option for commercial properties as well. Because granite can stand up to years of use, it is a cost-effective choice that brings professionalism to any property where it is installed.

We offer commercial granite countertops for:

  • Business Offices and Lobbies
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Hospitals and Medical Offices
  • Commercial Bathroom Vanities

The options available in granite make it possible to design a custom countertop that works in any space and with the majority of lifestyles and budgets. Your company enjoys substantial savings when you work with us. We have friendly customer service and will get back to you just a few days after our initial consultation.

So if you want brand new cabinets and countertops at affordable prices for your dream home – Berwyn, Chester County, Montgomery County, Exton, Springfield, and other nearby places.


Leathered Angola Black Granite Perimeter and Tropical Brown Granite Island Countertop
Custom Granite Island Countertops with corner detail West Chester PA by MacLaren
Avalon White Granite West Chester PA
Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Benefits of Granite for Countertops in Kitchens and Bathrooms

powder room granite countertop

For many years, granite has been one of the most often selected materials for countertops, prized for its appearance and durability. As a natural stone, granite has a one-of-a-kind look with every slab offering its own design characteristics.

The many choices you can make in terms of colors, textures, and finishes enable you to match any cabinetry style and design aesthetic. Granite countertops are used in many kitchen styles like contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, rustic, and more.

Granite countertops are also durable, which opens them up to be used in a variety of settings. Whether used as a statement piece in a kitchen focused on entertainment or as a utilitarian surface for prep and working, granite provides many physical advantages.

It is:

  • Low Maintenance – Cleaning up after a seal and resealing every few years is the extent of maintenance needed on a granite countertop to prevent any deterioration in appearance.
  • Resilient and Strong – Granite is a hard material resistant to scratching and heat damage. This makes it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms where sharp objects, hot pans or tools, and frequent usage could wear another countertop material down quickly.
  • Long-Lasting – Since they do not wear easily, granite countertops will outlast almost every other design feature or appliance in your kitchen or bathroom in terms of appearance and functionality. It

The popularity of granite and its many advantages make it a beneficial investment when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. It adds value to any property, especially when it is fabricated at a high standard and well maintained throughout its lifetime.

About MacLaren’s Countertop Services

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At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, the entire granite countertop slab, design, and installation process are kept in-house and managed by our own team. We use our full-service options to be your partner in remodeling or replacing a countertop in your kitchen or bathroom.

Our services begin at our showroom, encompassing over 40,000 square feet of countertop and cabinetry options, including hundreds of choices for granite countertops. Our showroom is the best location in the Greater Philadelphia area to find design inspiration or find slab stone countertops that match your existing design plans.

An expert in-house designer accompanies you through the process to help you be sure that you get the right countertop style and design elements at your price point.

We work with you on:

  • Granite Countertop Design – In our design center, we help you choose from the extensive options to create a countertop plan that meets your needs for style, usability, budget, and more.
  • Granite Countertop Fabrication – Our fabrication team uses your slab and design choices to custom make a countertop with a rapid turnaround. Many countertops can be completed in only a few days.
  • Granite Countertop Installation – Granite slab countertops must be installed by professionals to ensure the slabs align correctly and there is no damage during the process. We have a very experienced team that respects you and your property.

We also offer granite countertop replacement. If your existing countertop, be it granite or another material, has been damaged or is looking dated, a granite countertop can refresh the space. We design the replacement granite countertop with the dimensions to match your current cabinetry. Our team also handles the demolition, removal, and disposal of a current countertop before installing the new piece.

Granite Countertop Styles

expert fabricators at maclaren

Each of our custom granite countertops is made from one or more slabs. A granite slab is a single piece of stone that is roughly 1 ¼” thick that is then fabricated to the correct dimensions.

Fabrication also includes adding spaces for sinks and other appliances and finishing the edges for smooth and straight corners. Most countertops are 24” wide, but the custom nature of granite slab countertops makes it possible to design narrower or wider sections as needed. Because granite is a natural stone, it often doesn’t come with fine edges, so we cut out the design to match your space.

custom stone countertops

Depending on the size of the project, a countertop can be made from a single slab. Larger countertops are made from multiple slabs that are seamed together. Our skilled countertop makers match slabs with similar patterns and shading to make sure that seams blend together.

Granite slabs are sourced from all over the world with different quarries producing slabs of different colors and designs depending on how the granite is formed and what minerals are included. This results in many different options.

Styles change over time, and some of the most popular currently include:

  • Alaska White Granite
  • Black Galaxy Granite
  • New Caledonia Granite
  • Colonial Gold Granite
  • River White Granite
  • Van Gogh Granite

Among the various styles of granite, there are options for almost every color and shade. Browns, beiges, whites, grays, and blacks are the most common granite colors, but is also possible to find granite in:

  • Gold
  • Peach
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue, and More

Some granite slabs mix various colors as well, or can appear like other natural stones like marble or soapstone, but at a more affordable price.

The design choices also complement the natural variances like veining and grains that set each slab of granite apart, even if they are from the same quarry. Selecting a granite often entails choosing from a variety of slabs that match your design style and have the individual characteristics you find most attractive.

Finishing Choices for Granite Countertops

Finishing Choices for Granite Countertops

During countertop fabrication, the appearance of granite can be further customized through the choice of finishing. A finish gives the granite countertop a specific texture and level of shine. The finish will also impact the level of maintenance needed and the usability of granite, so we take into consideration your family or property’s needs when helping you choose the finish.

Some of the most popular granite countertop finishes include:

  • Polished – An often-used finish, polished granite is glossy and smooth. It will reflect lighting, giving a bright appearance, and increases the vibrancy of the granite’s coloring. Polished granite is the easiest to clean and keep looking new as the polishing helps seal pores in the stone.
  • Honed – Honed granite has a matte surface. It is still smooth like polished granite, but has no gloss. This finish is considered more subtle, but does require sealing more often as it is more susceptible to staining. There is no polishing necessary for honed granite countertops.
  • Leathered – Named for its resemblance to leather, this newer finishing method creates texture by going over honed granite with diamond-tipped brushes to create texture and polish. It can look sophisticated or rustic, and requires the least maintenance as the texture will naturally hide stains, although the chance of scratching with rough treatment is slightly increased.

Flamed, bush hammered, and caressed are additional granite finishes, although these are not frequently used in countertops. They can, however, be chosen for certain unique looks or for exterior countertops.

exterior countertops

The final design decision is the edge profile which impacts the style, practicality, and safety of your countertop. Granite is compatible with a variety of edge profiles. The eased edge with gentle rounding of the corners is the most common edge profile for granite, but we have options to match any style, including straight edges, beveled edges, bullnose edges, ogee edges, and waterfall edges, and more.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

Granite Countertop Maintenance

As a natural stone, granite will last. Each granite slab has already existed for thousands of years before it is formed into a countertop, meaning there is little chance of it wearing out, cracking, or breaking after being installed in your home. A granite countertop can easily remain functional for more than 100 years.

While granite will last for decades on its own, some minimal care is required to keep it looking its best throughout its lifetime.

  • Daily cleaning with a soft cloth, mild soap like dish soap, and warm water is helpful in removing fluids or debris that could be staining.
  • Spills, especially those containing acid like lemon juice or vinegar or harsh bases like bleach, should be wiped up immediately or they risk eating through the sealant and underlying granite.
  • Likewise, scrubbing with abrasive materials or harsh chemicals should be avoided. If a more intensive cleaning is needed, there are many products on the market that are designed to remove dirt from natural stones.
  • Polishing and sealing are also necessary to maintain granite. These processes are relatively simple and need only be performed every few years, but are essential to the granite’s appearance and durability.

The ease of upkeep for granite countertops means that most homeowners or property owners manage the periodic resealing and polishing of granite themselves, but granite cleaning services exist for those who wish to leave maintenance to a professional.

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Resealing Granite Countertops


Resealing Granite Countertops 

The one maintenance step that is necessary to keep a granite countertop looking its best and help it withstand daily wear and tear is sealing. A properly applied sealant keeps water and debris from seeping into the natural pores in a granite countertop.

Although granite is resilient, water can cause staining and other elements can slowly wear away at the stone. It can also harbor bacteria, unwelcome addition to any surface where you prepare food.

Resealing granite avoids damage to the countertop and ensures you get the full lifetime out of your investment. It must be done regularly but is an easy and affordable process.

Generally, resealing should be completed every 1 to 2 years, but some modern sealers can last longer.

To reseal your granite countertops:

  • Clear all items off of the counter.
  • Apply a thin layer of granite sealer, either by brush or spray depending on the product.
  • Wait for 15 minutes to give the granite time to absorb the sealer.
  • Wipe off any sealer that remains on the granite.
  • Avoid using your countertop for a full 24 hours to give the sealer time to set.

We will discuss all considerations regarding resealing for your specific countertop design during the design process as we help you select the right granite countertop for your needs.

Design Your Custom Granite Countertop in Our Showroom Today

Custom Granite Countertop

Our designers are ready to meet you wherever you are in the design process. They are knowledgeable about both the stylistic aspects and science behind granite countertops, and have extensive experience in helping clients determine which types of custom countertop designs work best for their homes and families.

Contact us at 610-436-5436 to schedule a time to walk through our granite countertops West Chester PA showroom or meet with a designer.

Granite Countertops West Chester PA FAQs

All countertops have different pricing based on the type of material and the slab. Costs can range considerably based on square footage. . We offer wholesale and competitive pricing, however, so rest assured that our costs are some of the best available, with options that are great for those on a budget as well as those looking for a more luxury approach. We encourage you to visit our showroom for a consultation.

We do  currently install any sinks and appliances if we are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. That being said we don't provide the hookup for your water or electric. What we can do is schedule our services at a time that makes the most sense for your needs, based on when your plumber, general contractor, or other contractor is ready for us.

Absolutely. We are happy to schedule a time to work with your contractors, and coordinate to measure and install your countertops when it is best for all parties involved.

We have a huge selection of countertops, and encourage you to consider from our selection in order for us to offer the best possible service. However, if a project requires us to fabricate countertops from customer-supplied material, we are still able to help.

Countertop backsplashes offer continuation that stands out when compared to alternatives, such as tile backsplash. They're more durable and easier to clean as well, because they do not require grout and can be made of the same high quality, dense material as your counters. However, in general, it is more of a personal preference. Some people really love the look of tile backsplashes as a complement to the counter and cabinets. It's ultimately about the look and design you are going for.

We have countertops that can match essentially any home style. Contemporary, rustic, mid-century modern, chic, luxury - our designers are happy to work with you to determine which type of counter will best match your design and vision, and of course you can walk our showroom and be sure to find the countertop that is perfect for your design's vision.

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