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If you’re looking for a quality solid surface countertops West Chester PA, you’ve come to the perfect place.

There are many different custom stone countertops materials available, and here at MacLaren, we carry all the most popular, including granite, quartz, and more. One type of material that many people appreciate is known as “solid surface,” which offers more styles, competitive pricing, and many of the benefits that make for an outstanding and long-lasting countertop option.

Made popular under the brand name Corian more than 50 years ago, solid surface is still one of the more sought-after materials for countertops. With an appearance and durability similar to stone but without the cost and complex maintenance requirements, a solid surface can be the base for attractive countertops in any home.

Today’s solid surface has come a long way as well. Solid surface is now available in hundreds of different styles and can be an affordable solution for kitchens, bathrooms, and more in any size and in any type of property.

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a West Chester cabinet and countertop company serving residential and commercial properties in the greater Philadelphia area with thousands of custom countertop options. At MacLaren, we carry solid surface countertops from leading manufacturers with the widest local selection at our 40,000 square foot showroom.

To view our available selection of solid surface countertop options, learn more about the material, and start planning for your new countertop, schedule a time to visit our showroom. You can also schedule a countertop installation appointment by calling us at 610-436-5436.

Why Remodel with Solid Surface Countertop with MacLaren

As a local, family-owned and operated countertop and kitchen cabinets fabricator, quality and great service are at the foundation of all that we do at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath. We can help you with your new cabinets while also getting substantial savings. When working with our design team, you can expect:

  • Expert Service – Our designers are talented and have extensive knowledge of solid surface products and applications. But the expertise is also evident in our fabrication and installation teams so that you can trust you are getting the best products and assistance.
  • 100s of Options – Solid surface is known for a large number of available colors and designs. There is no better place to get a full picture of what designs you can create with a solid surface than at our showroom. We are one of the area’s largest countertop showrooms, with a team capable of finding you the perfect countertop to fit your space.
  • High-Quality Brands – For all of our countertops, we carry only the brands we would install in our own homes, and this is true for our solid surface products as well. We research and continuous quality check the available products from all the brands we offer.
  • Competitive Rates – Solid surface is already appreciated for its lower costs compared to similar materials. We make these rates more appealing by keeping our product and service prices competitive so that you’re always getting the best available value. Your company enjoys substantial savings when opt with our service.

We are also a full-service countertop company with the solutions to assist you from the initial design through to the installation of your completed countertop. This means you get the same personalized services from MacLaren Kitchen & Bath throughout the remodeling process.

Whether you are a homeowner planning your first renovation or a contractor who has managed dozens of renovations already, we can customize our services and your experience to exactly meet your needs. We are expert custom fabricators and we are ready to be your partner in remodeling your kitchen or bathroom.

What Are Solid Surface Countertops?

Solid surface countertops are engineered, meaning man-made, countertop material. It was created to mimic natural stones while being non-porous and more resistant to chipping and cracking. Unlike other manmade slabs, such as porcelain, the solid surface is uniform in composition throughout the slab. Its color and texture go all the way through and there are no changes in composition between the surface and the interior.

The original purpose of solid surfaces was to create a material that does not require the resealing or polishing that natural stone does without sacrificing the overall appearance of the stone. A solid surface is an attractive but low upkeep countertop option with a production process that yields greater flexibility in design than natural stone slabs.

To make a solid surface countertop, the manufacturer mixes polymers, which are usually acrylic, with finely ground minerals to give the slab a smooth consistency. The mixture is held together with resins that make up about one-third of the countertop’s overall composition. Any desired pigments or decorative aggregates are added to the polymer-resin mixture and it is cast into molds to cure.

You will often hear solid surface countertops called Corian countertops as well. Corian was the first brand of solid surface countertops, manufactured by DuPont in the 1970s, and remains one of the best-known solid surface countertop brands even today.

Corian and other solid surface countertops are a leading option for custom countertops where an attractive but cost-effective solution is needed and the property owners want to forgo maintenance needs almost entirely. Since this versatility makes solid surface compatible with almost any room in the house, we produce:

  • Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops
  • Solid Surface Kitchen Islands
  • Solid Surface Bathroom Vanities
  • Outdoor Solid Surface Countertops
  • Custom Fabrications Countertops

Solid surface countertops can also be used in offices, kitchen, utility rooms, home bars, living rooms, and more. The design choices make it possible to match them with the aesthetics of any space and they can provide a permanent, built-in workspace or tabletop.

The benefits of solid surfaces also make it a top choice for commercial properties as well. Solid surface countertops for commercial properties are professional in appearance without requiring a large investment in terms of cost or future maintenance, and they allow for a more uniform design throughout multiple rooms.

Commercial solid surface countertops are primarily suited to applications where they will not frequently come into contact with sharp objects or harsh chemicals. Office breakrooms, lobby desks, and bathroom vanities all commonly use solid surface countertops. For properties where cleanliness and bacteria are a leading concern, non-porous solid surface countertops will not trap bacteria and can be easily wiped down with standard cleaning products.

We can give a full evaluation of your project just a few days after your initial consultation. You can also purchase granite directly from us if you already know the dimensions that you need.

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Our Services for Solid Surface Countertops

Creating a custom solid surface countertop begins with selecting the design choices that match your look and lifestyle needs, and our showroom is the ultimate place to begin this process. But our services do not stop there. Once you and your designer have completed your countertop plans, we provide:

  • Countertop Fabrication – Our countertops are made in-house. We take the solid surface slabs of your choice and cut, carve, and polish them to match your planned design.
  • Countertop Installation – Our licensed and insured installers can place your countertop at your home. They are experienced with solid surface and can install the slabs with durable and practically invisible seams.
  • Countertop Replacement – Solid surface countertops are an effective way to upgrade a dated or worn countertop of any material. In addition to creating a new countertop with your existing dimensions, we can also manage countertop demolition and removal.

Because we also offer custom cabinetry, we make it convenient to complete your entire remodeling project through MacLaren. You can design your solid surface countertop alongside cabinets for a cohesive look, and have both fabricated and installed concurrently.

Why Choose a Solid Surface Countertop for Your Home

A solid surface is most often selected when a property owner is looking for a more competitively priced countertop solution, with a consistent design. Despite the current popularity of granite and quartz countertops, their pricing can often be prohibitive. Yet more affordable options like laminate can look dated and acquire damage easily. A solid surface offers a similar appearance to stone at a fraction of the price, but with greater durability than laminate.

But the cost is only one of several reasons why we recommend solid surface countertops in homes. Others include:

  • Design Variety – Combinations of pigments, aggregates, shaping, and edge profiles enable us to make solid surface countertops that style from modern to traditional to industrial to rustic.
  • Easily Repairs – Solid surface is known for its propensity to scratch, but these scratches can be easily sanded out by the homeowner similar to natural stone. Since the countertop is the same material all the way through, there will be no change in appearance after sanding.
  • Low Maintenance – Since it is not a porous natural stone, solid surface does not require resealing or polishing. Light cleanings daily or when dirty are enough to maintain solid surface countertops for decades.

There are also eco-friendly solid surface countertops for those prioritizing green design with compositions that include recycled materials.

All of these advantages make solid surface countertops ideal for a range of homes and commercial properties around Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Chester County.

It is a countertop that will last for the lifetime of your kitchen or bathroom and require almost no additional work on the owner after installation. While a solid surface isn’t suitable for all settings – for example, commercial kitchens – it is a great option when you’re looking for more design choices and a variety of unique benefits.

Solid Surface Countertop Designs and Styles

A solid surface is a material with nearly endless design choices. From color and texture to shape and special features, each custom countertop can be made to match specific tastes and needs. Because there are so many choices, our design team at MacLaren will walk you through the styles and features and offer any needed guidance on what selections make the most sense for your home.

When designing a custom solid surface countertop, we build the rendering based on the measurements of your current or planned cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom. These measurements also include any appliances, islands, or other elements. This helps us give you an accurate image of what your completed countertop will look like in your home before we move to the fabrication stage.

During the remainder of the design stage, you will select from the design options that will give your countertop its look and feel. Solid surface countertops are made of one of two composition types. Both offer different appearances, durability, and customization needs, as well as price points. They are:

  • Acrylic Solid Surface Countertops – Acrylic is the newer and more commonly used material for solid surfaces. Acrylic countertops are matte, although they may be polished to a low gloss. They are fade-resistant, the more durable of the two options, and offer more flexibility when incorporating sinks and adjacent solid surface slabs.
  • Polyester Solid Surface Countertops – Using polyester resins, these countertops have a high gloss appearance and are capable of producing more vibrant colors. They are slightly brittle, although still unlikely to break during use. Between solid surface materials, polyester is the more affordable option

In both acrylic and polyester, there are hundreds of colors and shades available for solid surface countertops. Whites, greys, blacks, and beiges are all popular choices, but there are also blues, reds, yellows, and other bolder colors. Today, many solid surface options imitate a natural stone look with graining that includes:

  • Veining
  • Striations
  • Speckling
  • Sand or Pebbles
  • Recycled Glass

Different combinations of texturing and movement make it possible for a solid surface to resemble granite, quartz, marble, or wood. Corian countertops even come in translucent colors that can be combined with lighting installed beneath the counter (or behind it in the case of a backsplash) that will illuminate the countertop.

A solid surface can also be made into almost any shape. Since it is not a natural stone, it can be cast in molds of almost any size and shape. The standard dimensions for a solid surface slab are ½ inch thick. Depending on the color choices, they can vary in width often between 3 feet and 5 feet, which can then be cut to size or carved as needed.

The ability to cut and carve Corian countertops also makes it possible to render the necessary holes for drop-in appliances, create curves for islands and countertop edges, and fabricate countertops of any desired size. It also

When solid surface slabs are placed together for longer counters or those with corners, the seam is nearly invisible on solid colors and only subtle on textured solid surface slabs as opposed to natural stone or quartz countertop seams. This gives the countertop a smooth and uniform appearance.

The shaping possibilities of solid surface also provide options for creating additional elements out of Corian such as:

  • Solid Surface Backsplashes – A backsplash of the same material as your countertop can extend up the wall behind the counter.
  • Solid Surface Sinks – The moldability of solid surfaces makes it possible to create sinks from the material in various configurations, including double sinks and draining boards. These sinks flow seamlessly into the surrounding surface.
  • Inlays in the Countertop – Decorative elements can be set into the solid surface during the curing process for one-of-a-kind inlays.

Corian now offers wireless smart device charging by installing a hidden transmitter beneath the countertop slab. When you set your phone, tablet, or similarly wireless charging enabled device on that location, it charges automatically.

How to Maintain a Solid Surface Countertop

Little is needed to keep a solid surface countertop clean and in good condition. Daily cleaning can be done with:

  • gentle soap or standard household cleaner
  • warm water
  • soft cloth

Abrasive cleaning tools should be avoided since they can scratch.

Despite their low maintenance, solid surface countertops are susceptible to scratches, impacts, and damage from heat. This makes it a necessity to use a cutting board when using knives in the kitchen and to avoid setting any knives or sharp utensils directly on the counter.

A solid surface countertop is more resistant to impact than other materials. It does not risk cracking like natural stone, nor will it crush like laminate. However, a heavy object dropped on the countertop can leave a noticeable mark just as it would anywhere else. In some cases, buffing is all that is needed to hide the add elegance again to the surface.

Avoid heat damage

To avoid heat damage, you will always want to place a hot pad or trivet between any hot pans or countertop appliances and the surface beneath. You should also avoid setting hot curling irons, hair straighteners, and other styling tools directly on a solid surface bathroom vanity.

Avoid solvent

Another type of damage specific to acrylic solid surface countertops occurs when a solvent such as acetone, paint thinners, or some type of glue comes into contact with the countertop. The solvents can wear away at the acrylic.

Luckily, because a solid surface is so easy to clean, this is not an issue likely to affect the lifespan of your countertop.

It is natural to expect some wear and tear on a solid surface countertop over the years, especially if it is placed in a busy kitchen or bathroom. Periodic resurfacing can help eliminate any scratches or dents that have collected, and can easily be done by the homeowner.

The resurfacing process is helpful to keep your solid surface countertop looking its best throughout its lifetime. And while this may be a more delicate countertop material, the ease of repair means that it often lasts longer than both natural and manufactured stone.

Remodel Your Home with a Solid Surface Countertop from MacLaren

Solid surface is one of many different countertop options we have available, and we encourage you to come to visit our showroom to pick from either our solid surface countertops or any of our many countertop styles.

Based in West Chester, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is the leading cabinet and countertop supplier in Philadelphia, Downingtown, Trenton, Wilmington, and more. Come see what makes us so popular by contacting us today. We can also answer any questions or provide recommendations while you’re here.

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We can help you realize your dream home by using our expert fabricators to renovate your home. We offer friendly customer service at affordable prices.

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Solid Surface Countertops West Chester PA FAQs

All countertops have different pricing based on the type of material and the slab. Costs can range considerably based on square footage. . We offer wholesale and competitive pricing, however, so rest assured that our costs are some of the best available, with options that are great for those on a budget as well as those looking for a more luxury approach. We encourage you to visit our showroom for a consultation.

We do  currently install any sinks and appliances if we are remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. That being said we don't provide the hookup for your water or electric. What we can do is schedule our services at a time that makes the most sense for your needs, based on when your plumber, general contractor, or other contractor is ready for us.

Absolutely. We are happy to schedule a time to work with your contractors, and coordinate to measure and install your countertops when it is best for all parties involved.

We have a huge selection of countertops, and encourage you to consider from our selection in order for us to offer the best possible service. However, if a project requires us to fabricate countertops from customer-supplied material, we are still able to help.

Countertop backsplashes offer continuation that stands out when compared to alternatives, such as tile backsplash. They're more durable and easier to clean as well, because they do not require grout and can be made of the same high quality, dense material as your counters. However, in general, it is more of a personal preference. Some people really love the look of tile backsplashes as a complement to the counter and cabinets. It's ultimately about the look and design you are going for.

We have countertops that can match essentially any home style. Contemporary, rustic, mid-century modern, chic, luxury - our designers are happy to work with you to determine which type of counter will best match your design and vision, and of course you can walk our showroom and be sure to find the countertop that is perfect for your design's vision.

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