Eclectic Kitchen- West Chester, PA

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Designer: Michele Hennessy

  • CabinetryCentra/Mouser semi custom, All cushion close Inset on Island and Perimeter
  • Perimeter and Dry Bar: Countertop in Ginger Quartz (By MacLaren), Coventry doors and Slab drawers of Hand Painted Maple in Corn Silk Matte
  • Upper Island: Base of Cherry wood in Russet Finish, Mouser Custom Legs, and Custom made Black Walnut Butcher Block with a 3” eased edge (By MacLaren)
  • Lower Island: Counter top in Blue Marine Quartzite (By MacLaren), Ashland Door and Drawer Style

Eclectic Kitchen 

This eclectic kitchen in West Chester, PA will put a smile on your face! We at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath strive to make our clients happy, and this whimsical kitchen will do the trick. 

This eclectic kitchen was designed by designer Michelle Hennessy to create a rich and unique feeling. It features ample island seating that is perfect for friends and family, complimentary Centra/Mouser semi-custom cabinetry with all cushion close inset on the island and perimeter.

The dry bar and perimeter with coventry doors and slab drawers of hand-painted Maple in a Corn Silk Matte finish, beautiful ginger quartz countertops along the perimeter, and a stunning island with blue marine quartzite and cherry wood in Russet finish with Mouser custom legs, a custom Black Walnut butcher block, and Ashland door and drawer styles.

This kitchen is all about light and dark. The rich wood finishes of the island and floor have a backdrop of light cabinets in this kitchen, creating a sense of contrast and keeping the space feeling open and bright.

Deep veins in the quartzite on the island complement the brown tones in this kitchen, while the lighter parts of the quartzite add detail and color to the island. Keeping the backsplash a neutral and subtle white also allows the main features of the kitchen to shine without clashing with them.

For some, the term ‘eclectic’ can bring about a sense of clutter or overwhelming color, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Focus on small details and pops of color to bring out the personality of an eclectic kitchen – no need to cover the walls in knickknacks or paint them a wild color to get that eclectic feeling with a personal flair.

Your Eclectic Kitchen is closer than you think…

For your own eclectic kitchen, think of colors, photographs, or pieces of art you own that you are drawn to and try building a color scheme around that in the accents of your kitchen, leaving the foundation a neutral color that complements the bolder colors you want to incorporate.

If you’d rather keep it more neutral, don’t be afraid to have fun with whimsical fixtures and cabinets as well! You can create a sense of uniqueness with finishes, materials, and small touches too.

And if you’re not finding anything you like in a cookie-cutter catalog, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath can create custom wood countertops like the one on the beautiful island in this West Chester, PA kitchen to really wow your friends and family!

If you’re looking for an eclectic kitchen of your own, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath can make it happen! Located in West Chester, PA, we have been experts in kitchen and bath remodeling for over 30 years, and we have many happy customers in the West Chester, PA area, including the owner of this kitchen.

Free Consultation

After our free consultation, we will listen to your ideas and turn them into a design for the space you’re working with. After that, we’ll show them to you and make sure you’re a part of every step of the remodeling process and create a job binder for your project that includes the designs and materials ordered for your new kitchen! 

If you’re thinking out of the box, think of our custom pieces to suit your tastes and needs. Head over to our showroom in West Chester, PA for ideas on how to make your eclectic kitchen ideas come to life, or give us a call to get your free quote from Maclaren Kitchen and Bath at 610-436-5436 today.