Granite vs Marble Countertops – Which Is Better?


Granite vs Marble Countertops – What Are They Made Of?

Granite vs. Marble CountertopsGranite countertops are made of natural stone that is cut into thin slabs. The most common type of granite used for countertops is called gabbro, a dense, tough rock with a medium to coarse grain.

Marble countertops are also made of natural stone, but the most common type used is called calcite. Marble is a softer, porous stone with a finer grain than granite.

Marble and granite counters are natural stone materials cut into large slabs and used for countertops.

Granite is made of 100% natural stone, while marble is a natural stone that has been processed with heat and pressure to create a harder surface.

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You want the best for your home, and that includes the countertops. So what’s the difference between granite and marble? Which one is right for you?

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How Do Granite And Marble Countertops Differ

Granite and marble are popular countertops, but they have some key differences.

granite slabWhy Choose Granite

  • Granite is more durable and less susceptible to scratches and stains, while marble is more heat-resistant.
  • When it comes to durabilitygranite is the clear winner. This natural stone is incredibly hard and resistant to scratches and stains.
  • Granite is the way to go if you’re looking for a countertop that will stand up to busy kitchens and daily use.
  • Granite may be the more practical option if you plan on cooking on your countertop.
  • Regarding color and pattern, both granite and marble offer various choices. Granite comes in various colors, from white to black and everything in between.

Both materials are available in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s important to consider your personal preferences when making a decision.

Marble, on the other hand, is a bit more delicate. While it’s not as susceptible to staining as other materials like limestone, it can be scratched more easily.

metamorphic stoneWhy Choose Marble

  • If you’re concerned about heat damage, marble is the better choice.
  • This material is more resistant to heat than granite. You don’t have to worry about hot pans leaving behind unsightly marks.
  • Regarding color and pattern, both granite and marble offer various choices. Granite comes in various colors, from white to black and everything in between.

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Which Is Better – Granite Or Marble Countertops


Marble countertops require more maintenance than granite countertops. 


Granite countertops have a natural, unique appearance. Each piece of granite is different, so no two countertops will look precisely the same.

Marble countertops have a sleek, elegant appearance. Marble is available in various colors so that you can find the perfect match for your home.


Granite countertops are more durable than marble countertops. Granite is a hard material that is resistant to scratches and chipping.

Marble countertops are less durable than granite countertops. Marble is a soft material that is more susceptible to scratches and chipping.

Ultimately, the cost of either material will depend on several factors and can vary widely, so it’s important to compare prices and options before making a decision.

So, Which Is Better?

So, which is better – granite or marble countertops? It depends on your needs and preferences.

Granite is the best option if you want a durable countertop that is easy to maintain. If you want a beautiful countertop with a luxurious appearance, then marble is the best option.

Both marble and granite are good as long as they serve their purpose.

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Pros And Cons Of Granite And Marble Countertops

There are a few key differences between granite and marble countertops. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide which material is suitable for your kitchen:

Granite countertops

  • Granite countertops are extremely durable and heat resistant, making them a great choice for busy kitchens.
  • They also require little maintenance and are very easy to clean.

Marble countertops

hot pots for granite countertops

  • Marble countertops are also very durable and heat resistant.
  • However, they are more susceptible to scratching and staining than granite.
  • Marble countertops also require more maintenance, such as regular sealing and polishing, to keep them looking their best.
  • But many homeowners feel that the natural beauty of marble is worth the extra effort.

So, which countertop material is suitable for you? It depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Granite may be the better choice if you want a durable and low-maintenance countertop.

But if you love the look of natural stone and are willing to put in a little extra work to keep it looking its best, marble may be the right choice for you.

We can offer a square foot size for stone countertops, marble counters, marble tiles, and granite and marble slabs.

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How To Choose The Right Type Of Countertop For Your Home

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right type of countertop for your home.

fireplace surroundsFirst, you must decide what material you want your countertop to be made of.

There are many different materials to choose from, such as:

Each material has unique benefits and drawbacks, so you’ll need to decide which is right for you.

Get your eyes on a large number of marble and granite slabs to determine which material you find to be more attractive.

commercial kitchens

  • Granite countertops are trendy because they’re durable and easy to care for. However, they can be expensive and require sealing every few years to keep them looking their best.
  • Marble countertops are also quite popular, but granite is less durable and requires more care.
  • Quartz countertops are a newer option becoming increasingly popular because they’re durable, low maintenance, and look great.

Decide the style

Do you want a sleek, modern, or more traditional look? There are many different styles of countertops to choose from, so you should be able to find one that fits your taste and budget.

If you need help determining which type of countertop is right for you, it’s a good idea to consult a kitchen remodeling contractor.

They can help you decide on the right material and style for your kitchen and give you an estimate of the cost.

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  • We can help you create the perfect space for your needs.

heat resistanceIf you’re considering new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom, then granite and marble are two great options to consider.

Both materials are beautiful and durable, so they can add value to your home and last for many years.

However, there are some key differences between these two materials that you should be aware of before making your final decision.

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