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We provide a full range of custom kitchen cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets and Cabinetry options.


We have onsite material selection, design, fabrication, and installation services. Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, Corian, and Marble.

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We offer a 10,000 ft showroom and Material Selection. Offering a one stop shop.

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Custom Cabinets and Counters in Bryn Mawr, PA with MacLaren Kitchen & Bath

Bryn Mawr is home to beautiful, majestic, and historic properties, each representing one of a range of design styles. When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in Bryn Mawr, every home requires different fixtures to match with your home’s appearance and your own lifestyle and personality.

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath provides local cabinetry, countertops, fabrication, installation services in Bryn Mawr. Our enormous showroom showcases thousands of brands and products, making us the perfect place to find the fixtures you need for your kitchen or bath remodel.

Call us today at (610) 436-5436 or set up an appointment to visit our design center via the online form.

About Our Custom Design and Fabrication Services

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a local, family owned and operated company who has built our reputation on the strength of our customer experience and the superior quality of our cabinets and countertops.

As a local business, our customers in Bryn Mawr and the surrounding townships are at the heart of what we do, and we have assembled a team that is dedicated to meeting, and often exceeding, your needs at every step in the purchase process.

Our team is:

  • Experienced in both residential and commercial kitchen and bath design.
  • Dedicated to the highest standard in all of our work.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured for guaranteed quality and safety.

We are able to create both stunning cabinetry and beautiful countertops. One location for all your kitchen or bathroom fixtures makes a full remodel effortless and ensures that the entire look of your space will tie together. Because you’ll work hand in hand with our design team throughout the process, we can make sure you have the right cabinets or countertops in Bryn Mawr to perfectly meet the needs of your space, with no project too large or too small.

One Stop Shop For Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

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transitional Island seating with walnut butcher block and quartzite transition bryn mawr pa
Cabinets and countertops in Upper Darby PA
Honed Carrara Marble With 1/4" Round Over Edge and Backsplash to match

Your Cabinetry and Countertop Needs – All in One Location

Finding the solutions you need for countertops, replacement counters, and cabinetry begins at our showroom. More than 40,000 square feet of space promises essentially every product, feature, color and style you need within our catalogue. With inspirational kitchens and baths and thousands of samples of the best products available, you’ll find limitless design ideas.

Everyone is welcome to browse around our showcase of products, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment to see us in person. We also have countertop and cabinet designers ready to walk the floor with you, answering your questions and making recommendations based on your specific needs.

Once you are ready to start on your custom kitchen or bathroom remodeling plans, MacLaren Kitchen & Bath can assist with:

  • Design Services – Our staff designers are experts in cabinetry, countertops, and remodeling. They can answer questions and provide recommendations during a one on one consultation or planning session.
  • Fabrication Services – Our builders take exact measurements and use your design to create the countertops or cabinets for your space. They use the most advanced techniques and years of experience to construct each piece.
  • Installation Services – Local countertop installers and cabinet installers fit your custom fixtures perfectly into your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else on your property.

The extensive array of products and choices during a remodel can feel overwhelming. But our team aims to make the process as easy as possible for you. We are your guides and partners in the process with years of expertise in design and fabrication, ready to make sure you have exactly what you envisioned for your property.

Custom Cabinets and Cabinetry in Bryn Mawr

Cabinets are more than simply a place to store your items. They are a main design feature of a home, drawing the eye in any room they are installed. When designed to meet your exact needs, custom cabinets naturally make your living space more convenient and comfortable. The right cabinets can also pay for themselves by adding to your property’s value.

With so many factors to consider, choosing the best solutions for your custom cabinetry can seem like a challenge. It’s why we always make sure to make our team available to help. Our designers work individually with you to assess your needs and allow you to focus on your primary choices by handling the technical points and smaller details.

Our showroom makes it possible for you to find what you need even without our help. But if you’d like guidance, our team will be there, asking you questions that will help us find you the perfect Bryn Mawr custom cabinets for you:

  • What is your desired layout?
  • How much storage versus counter space do you need?
  • What is your overall style?
  • Will you be installing a kitchen island?
  • Are there special features that you are interested in incorporating into your cabinets?
  • What is your budget?

We use your thoughts about these questions to guide the recommendations we make, showing you the brands, styles, and designs we think best fit your needs, as well as suggesting features and layouts that fit with the way you use your kitchen or space.

Whether you already have a firm idea of what you want in your kitchen or bathroom or are completely new to the process of remodeling, we ensure that you have input on all aspects of your cabinetry in a way that makes it accessible and straightforward. By the time you are ready to approve your designs, you will be able to perfectly envision the final result.

Cabinet Types We Offer

Kitchens and bathrooms almost universally use some form of cabinetry for storage. They are also the rooms we most often create custom cabinetry for.

  • Kitchen Cabinets – Our kitchen cabinets can be designed around your existing or planned appliances, and structured to accommodate the types of cookware and bakeware you store and the way you use your kitchen. From there, design options can complete a kitchen design that is contemporary, rustic, modern, MCM, Mediterranean, or any other aesthetic.
  • Bathroom Cabinets – Bathroom cabinets and vanity cabinets provide efficient and attractive storage in any bathroom. The clean fit of built in cabinets is a long lasting and beautiful alternative to commercial vanity cabinets.
  • And More – We also create cabinets for any room in your home, as well as outdoor kitchen cabinets made to retain their appearance through all types of weather. Custom built in cabinets are growing in popularity for providing storage in Bryn Mawr. Laundry room cabinets, office cabinets, basement cabinets, and more – cabinets are an option almost anywhere.

Wherever you are placing cabinets, we will often begin with a layout. The size and shape of cabinet boxes – the overall frame of the cabinet – are generally standardized, although customizations can always be made when needed.

The standard cabinet box shapes are based on where they are installed. Base cabinets, for instance, are placed on the floor and reach a height of about 36”. Island cabinets are a type of base cabinet that form the foundation of your kitchen island. Wall cabinets are mounted on the wall, often above countertops or appliances below.

Full height base cabinets extend the standard base cabinet to ceiling height. These are sometimes known as pantry cabinets for the amount of storage they provide. When built around appliances, electronics, or other items, they give the appliance an attractive built in look.

Our Brands and Design Features

We submit your designs to one of our many skilled cabinet fabricators. Our partnerships include well known and respected brands like Moser Cabinetry, Wolf Cabinetry, Green Forest Cabinetry, and Waypoint Cabinets.

We also work closely with smaller cabinet makers, some of whom are local to Bryn Mawr and the West Chester area. In addition to meeting our stringent quality standards, these manufacturers can create special and unique designs not always possible with the mainstream designers.

This variety of fabricators means there are no limitations for your design choices. We can almost always locate a cabinet maker to create your ideas, giving you choices like materials that include:

  • Cherry
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Walnut

Or colors that include:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green

You also have options for interior shelving arrays and the door facing style, with options like shaker, slab, beadboard, beveled, and more. Other luxury features, such as interior lighting and high end hinges, can give your cabinets additional personalization to make them right for your kitchen.

Countertops and Replacement Counters

We ask a lot of our countertops. For those in the kitchen, they need to withstand decades of wear. They’ll also be subjected to issues like spills, food, hot pots and pans, cooking utensils, toothpaste, and other uses, all of which needs to be able to be wiped away so the counter can look like new.

Function is one of the most important parts of a countertop. But countertops are also a design element. The right counter can make your kitchen or bathroom come together, or even be a showcase piece that forms the foundation of your style.

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath recognizes the importance of custom countertops for form and function. To ensure our customers can get the range of countertops they need, we have cultivated a catalogue of affordable and top of the line countertops. Our skilled in-house fabrication team then transforms materials and ideas into custom and semi custom countertops that fit into any design style, and are then installed by our licensed and insured countertop installation technicians.

Unique Countertop Designs in Bryn Mawr

Our countertop slabs are high quality, offering both unique and classic designs across a range of materials. We assist you in making design decisions that will produce the best countertop for your intended space in terms of appearance, durability, and functionality.

The types of countertops and related fixtures we most often make include:

  • Kitchen Countertops – Our most in demand countertops, kitchen counters are built to withstand wear and tear while adding to the appearance of the kitchen. We can match your kitchen countertops to existing cabinetry or help you design the entire kitchen.
  • Island Countertops – More and more homeowners are choosing to install kitchen islands for additional counter space, serving space, and eating areas. Our island countertops can be designed to integrate ranges, sinks, and other features, and we can create waterfall islands upon request.
  • Countertop Backsplashes – Instead of a separate tile backsplash, a counter backsplash extends the material of your countertop onto the wall behind it. This gives your kitchen or bathroom greater cohesion. Crafting these is a precise process that not many companies can do well, but we complete countertop backsplashes regularly and with the utmost perfection.
  • Bathroom Countertops – Our vanity countertops are available to add to both the look and value of each bathroom. We can also provide bathroom vanity countertop replacement as needed to quickly change its appearance with long lasting, water resistant materials.

While many people select their new countertops during a complete remodel, replacement countertops are also a popular option. We can take the shape of your current countertops and create new ones with the same measurements. This is a great way to replace a countertop that is showing wear or damage, or simply update the look of a kitchen or bath. Our team handles everything from demolition to installation and cleanup.

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath Custom Countertop Fabrication Process

Our countertop fabrication is completed by an in house team of craftsmen. By keeping our production process internal, we are able to ensure every countertop we create is of the highest quality. Our attentive staff pays attention to the details on each piece, carefully fabricating each and every section.

We also have a quicker turnaround time than other companies since we can submit the plans directly from our designers to our fabricators. Many standard sized countertops can be done in a few days.

Our in house fabrication does not mean limited capacity either. We have the equipment and resources to complete countertops ranging from bathroom vanities to expansive kitchens to commercial spaces. Each has an extensive array of design options that we make possible and can complete fast to keep your project moving forward.

Our team can find you the perfect countertops with options that include:

  • Material – We craft our countertops from natural or manmade stones. This includes the ever popular granite and the increasingly common quartz slabs, as well as more specialized materials like soapstone and marble. We also offer Corian Solid Surface countertops for an additional option.
  • Colors and Shades – From natural colorings and veining with granite and marble to vibrate dying in quartz and solid surface countertops, we can match any color in your kitchen or bathroom. Each material offers a variety of shades so that you can often get both the type of stone and color that you want.
  • Edge Profile -We can then finish off your countertop with over a dozen edges, including airplane edges, eased edges, beveled edges, and more. We work with you to determine which edge styles will be compatible with your chosen material and preferred design style.

There are many other options available, both in our showroom and made possible by our expert team. In all of our years serving properties in Bryn Mawr, we have had the skills and experience to handle many of the most creative projects and are happy to work with you to realize your specific countertop needs and desires.

Innovative Solutions for Commercial Properties

Our countertops and cabinets are as suitable for commercial kitchens and bathrooms as they are in homes. We have countertop solutions for spaces where they will see frequent use without requiring extensive maintenance. We can create custom cabinets or countertops that are as stunning as they are functional to be a focal point for your restaurant, cafe, or store, or used in the back room to make it easier to manage your commercial kitchen.

For offices and office complexes, our cabinetry and countertops can be an high end solution for your employee break room or used in a large scale project like your cafeteria. Commercial cabinetry also offers storage in your office space.

We also create custom commercial countertops and cabinets for schools, hospitals, retailers, and more. No project is too large or too small with our numerous options and fabrication techniques.

Make Your Appointment at Our Design Center

With competitive prices, professional service, the leading brands, and the most variety of any company in Bryn Mawr, there is no place better than MacLaren Kitchen & Bath to find the fixtures your remodel needs.

Schedule a visit to our showroom where you can start the process. You’ll have time to browse for inspiration and ideas and, when you are ready, there is a designer ready to turn those ideas into physical designs.

Use our online form to choose a time to visit us at 1135 Phoenixville Pike in West Chester or call us at (610) 436-5436.

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