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Designer Countertops and Cabinets in King of Prussia, PA

King of Prussia is a unique city. It has always been growing, with new properties built every decade, leading to a wide range of different architectural styles. It is also increasingly popular, combining safety with a prime location and great economy, leading more and more people to move into the city.

But the combination of older homes, newer homes, new commercial properties, and the new aesthetics that come from design trends means that many people find their kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas of the building are in need of a remodel.

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is a King of Prussia cabinetmaker and countertop fabricator that strives to make the process simple, friendly, and thorough. We have design, manufacturing, and installation services to help you through a remodel, all with competitive prices and great service. 

We also have a showroom with over 40,000 square feet of floor space, and we encourage you to plan a visit to view our selection of cabinets and countertops.

Find the combination that inspires you are start the process with our design center by calling us at 610-436-5436 to make an appointment or to learn more about our remodeling services.

Why Choose MacLaren Kitchen and Bath for Your Next Remodel

We are a family owned business with the friendly and personable service you expect from a local company, with a selection that you will not find anywhere else. Our showroom contains over 40,000 square feet of products, model kitchens and bathrooms, and a design center to help you navigate your options.

The selection at our showroom is one of the largest in the state, and we offer many brands of cabinets that you will not find elsewhere in King of Prussia.

We also work continuously to provide service and products that are:

  • Competitively Priced – We work within your budget to create and install countertops and cabinets that will last for years at prices that fit your budget. We have everything from high end luxury brands to affordable products that do not sacrifice quality, and we keep our fabrication and installation services as low as possible. 
  • Fast – Other companies can take weeks or even months to craft your designs, delaying your project and potentially leaving you without a workable kitchen or bathroom. Both our in house team and the manufacturers we work with are committed to a rapid turnaround. We strictly stick to our schedules and maintain open communication throughout the process. 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – In our design and installation, we are not finished until you are completely happy with the final product. Everyone on our staff wants to be sure that you get a kitchen or bathroom you can enjoy for years to come.

Because we have thousands of countertop slab options and thousands more cabinet types and combinations, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is able to provide the inspiration, selection, and services you need no matter if this is your first remodel or you fix up homes for a living. 

How Our Full Service Process Works

Our goal at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is to be more than your local fixtures store. We want to be your partner in remodeling by offering the products and the array of services you need to complete projects in your home or business. You can browse our showroom to discover all the products you want for your space.

But in addition to the products themselves, MacLaren offers: 

  • Design and Customizations – A remodel is a challenge. There are dozens of details to take into account, and the wide variety of products available only adds to the complexity. At MacLaren, we have designers on our staff to walk you through every step of the process, each of whom is there to make sure that your final design meets all of your needs. 
  • Countertop and Cabinet Fabrication – Once we have a finalized design and measurements of your home, our builders can do all the labor as well – constructing your cabinets, fabricating your countertop slab, and beyond. The precision and focus on the details our fabricators have throughout building results in perfect, quality cabinets and countertops.
  • Installation and Adjustments – We deliver and install your completed order in your home. Once the countertops and cabinets are in place, our team can perform any final on-site adjustments so they have the best fit in your space.

At MacLaren, we make the process simple. From beginning to end, you work with a single designer to customize both cabinets and countertop, and we manage the rest of the process so that you do not have to organize contractors or make sure that multiple companies understand your vision.

One Stop Shop For Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Nougat Quartz Countertop Sink
This Waterfall Island Edge is for the Modern and Sophisticated
Blue Marine Quartzite Island

Affordable Custom Cabinets in King of Prussia

Cabinets are the best storage method for properties in King of Prussia. They are permanent, adding value to your property while giving you more functional space in the home. The right cabinets make your life much easier and more efficient, and enhance the look of your property in the process. 

With custom cabinets, you also have complete control over the sizing, structure, and layout of shelving so you can create cabinetry that fits perfectly with your space and meets all of your storage needs. This customization starts with creating a configuration of cabinet boxes. As the building blocks of a set of cabinets, each type of cabinet box provides different storage and visual elements.

They include:

  • Base Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinets
  • Full Height Cabinets
  • Island Cabinets
  • Vanity Cabinets

Designing a cabinet layout depends on the more technical details like the dimensions of your kitchen or bathroom, but we also consider any goals and personal preferences, including  what you will be keeping in your cabinets and the placement of any appliances.

These considerations guide us through creating cabinets for any space in your home. Kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets are the cabinets we most often design, but we also have options and experience with laundry room cabinets, office cabinets, outdoor cabinets, and more.

Designing Cabinets to Fit Your Kitchen or Bathroom Style

Because cabinets are one of the most prominent visual elements of your kitchen or bathroom, they have a large part in determining the overall look and style of the room.

Every one of our cabinets can be stained or painted to the colors you want, with wood options that include:

  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak

You will also select the door fronts and drawer fronts during the design process. The various options are key for matching the cabinets to a particular style, such as rustic, traditional, modern, or contemporary styles. Some of the most well known door front types include slab cabinets, shaker cabinets, beveled cabinets, and glass front cabinets.

Remodel Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and More with a Countertop from MacLaren

Countertops are both a functional space, and one that has a profound affect on the aesthetic of the room. It has to be durable enough to withstand regular use, and attractive enough that it will age with you and your home, looking as good decades from now as it did when you first installed it.

We have a huge selection of countertop slabs to choose from, along with samples for manmade countertop materials. Our natural stone countertops are high grade stone and manufactured stone countertops come from brands we have researched and reviewed to determine they have a quality we can trust.

Our designers will guide you through selecting the options to create long lasting, attractive, and affordable countertops for every room in your home or office:

  • Kitchen Countertops – Standard kitchen countertops and island countertops need to stand up to heavy wear from frequent use and sharp tools. Our kitchen countertop options are strong enough to withstand the daily use and keep their attractive appearance.
  • Bathroom Countertops – Custom vanity countertops fit your bathroom’s measurements exactly and can add a touch of luxury or beauty to the room. We can make vanity countertops for single sinks, double sinks, and more.
  • Laundry Room – A countertop in your laundry room or utility room provides a convenient work surface and, as a built-in feature, boosts your property’s value. We can discuss countertop options that range from purely functional and affordable to more deluxe depending on how visible your laundry room is.
  • Home Office Countertops – An office countertop, especially when integrated with custom cabinetry, creates an enjoyable workspace that is as beautiful as it is functional. Our affordable countertop slabs are a cost effective way to upgrade your home office.

We also fabricate outdoor countertops for homes that have backyard kitchens or entertaining spaces. Our designers can show you the countertop slab options that will withstand sun, rain, and other outdoor weather conditions without degrading or requiring excessive maintenance.

Countertops Design Options We Offer

The most important choice for your countertop is the material. This will determine how durable your countertop is, what your maintenance needs will be, and the base cost.

Our options include:

  • Granite Countertops 
  • Quartz Countertops 
  • Soapstone Countertops 
  • Solid Surface Countertops 
  • Marble Countertops 

Each material also has its own appearance. Granite comes in a variety of granular textures and colors while marble is known for its dramatic veining. Manufactured countertops like quartz and solid surface come in designs that replicate the veining or granularity of stone or can provide more vibrant colors like blue, red, yellow, and green.

The other customization choices for your countertop will include the finish, the edge profile, and other options specific to the material you choose. Our in-house fabrication team can also craft countertop backsplashes. This elegant feature continues the stone of your countertop onto the wall behind it and is becoming an increasingly popular style.

High Quality and Affordable Countertops and Cabinets for Commercial Properties

King of Prussia is home to a growing number of commercial properties. At local restaurants, hotels, medical offices, schools, retailers, and more, choosing custom cabinetry and countertops gives you options that are more:

  • Professional – Custom or semi-custom countertops and cabinets look far more professional in your business. For your tenants, employees, or customers, these elements show the care and attention you have for your property.
  • Cost-Effective – With near-wholesale pricing, you can get cabinets and countertops for your commercial property at prices within your budget. Coupled with our design and installation services, this gives you that professional look for a competitive price.
  • Long Lasting – We have options that will last for years, and many countertops and cabinets that require almost no maintenance. There is no need for frequent replacements and you can rely on your fixtures from MacLaren to retain their appearance and functionality during that time.

Our selection for commercial properties makes it possible to find countertops or cabinets that match your interior decor at a range of price points. We have solutions for commercial properties that need durability and functionality or those looking to create an eye-catching interior design to impress their customers.

Since we know that property management or running a business is time consuming, we are ready to oversee the majority of your remodeling needs. Our designers have experience in completing commercial designs for break rooms, commercial kitchens, welcome desks, service counters, restrooms, and more. They will learn about your functionality needs and style. From there, we can design, create, and install the fixtures at your property at a low cost.

Get the Design Process Started Today

MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is available to provide the cabinets and countertops you need in King of Prussia. You can find our showroom in nearby West Chester, and have access to an entire team that is ready to help you meet any of your goals. 

We are always available over the phone at 610-436-5436 if you have questions about any of our products, or you want to speak with a designer. You can also set up an appointment over the phone or online to visit our showroom in person and begin your design.

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