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Searching for a reliable kitchen cabinets Rose Valley PA company can be tricky. It can be hard to find a company that can turn your ideas into reality, but lucky for you – that’s what we specialize in at MacLaren Kitchen & Bath.

Rose Valley is full of historic properties, with many local homes over a century old. Having customized cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley, PA, adds an appeal to your home. But while there is a charm to these older properties, there is still a need to update over time as new technology, conveniences, and styles become available. This is especially true of kitchens and bathrooms, which are responsible for much of the value and functionality of a property.

When updating a property, many homeowners want to keep the original antique styles intact. Others want to transition into a completely modern look. No matter what type of remodel you’re looking to complete, it is your cabinets and countertops that are going to have the most impact on the success and value of the final design. 

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath makes the most beautiful personalized cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley PA,. We maintain a showroom containing over 40,000 square feet of cabinets and countertops in styles ranging from traditional to innovative and everything in between. We also have a team of designers, fabricators, and installers who are ready to help you at each stage of your project.

Plan a time to visit our showroom and see for yourself all that we can design and create for your home or commercial property. As a leader in Rose Valey’s custom cabinets and countertops maker, we maintain affordability without compromising the quality of our products. 

Give us a call at 610-436-5436 or send us an appointment request through the online form to schedule your visit. 

MacLaren Kitchen & Bath – Largest Local Selection and Leading Service 

Our 40,000-square-foot showroom is conveniently located in nearby West Chester and offers many countertop slab and cabinetry options that are only available through MacLaren, ensuring that you will find all that you need to complete your dream kitchen or bath remodel. Our custom cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley PA, services are no exception.

We also provide all of the services necessary to make the process convenient for you with:

  • Personalized Service – With so many options available, designing your countertop or cabinets can be overwhelming. Each of our designers will work with you to understand personal style and functional needs so we can provide the best guidance.
  • Reliable Quality – We choose the suppliers and manufacturers we work with only after extensive research and review. These are the brands we can trust to always provide our customers with the leading quality products.
  • Fast Turnaround – We can complete in-house countertop fabrication in days depending on the size of the counter, and work only with cabinet makers who can guarantee rapid timelines. This enables us to deliver your new fixtures quickly.

Beyond offering the area’s best selection of cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley, PA, products, and the concierge service to assist you throughout your remodel, our goal is to offer the best prices. We keep the costs of our countertops and cabinet fabrication competitive so that our customers can choose the right options for their homes and budgets.

Design, Fabrication, and Installation Services

Remodeling a kitchen, bathroom, or another space in your home is an intensive project, and it usually represents a significant financial investment in your property. You will also be looking at and living with the cabinets and countertops you design for the next many years or decades, so it is important to get exactly what you want, both for the function of the property and its value. 

At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, our team is there at every step to ensure you have the assistance you need and we are offering a quality product that will last until your next remodel.

We do this through our:

  • Showroom – Over 40,000 square feet of inspirational designs and product samples to look through makes our showroom a great place to get started on your remodeling plans or locate a specific style you need for your home.
  • Design Center – When you are ready to get started, one of our designers will work with you one on one to create a complete plan for your future kitchen or bathroom. They walk you through the design options and available features for the type of cabinetry or countertops you choose.
  • Fabrication – With in-house fabrication for our countertops and creations by leading cabinet makers, each of our products is handcrafted to top standard. We also prioritize an efficient process to get your products are available fast.
  • Installation – Our licensed and insured installation team delivers your finished cabinets and countertops to your home where they install them to the specifications in your initial design. They can also take care of any finishing or adjustments needed during the installation stage.

We also offer countertop replacement services for those who like their current kitchen or bathroom layout but have a counter that is dated, damaged, or does not fit their current needs. Within our Rose Valley countertop replacement service, we can demolish and remove the current counter before installing the new one over your existing cabinets. Our professionals are adept at installing custom cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley PA. From design services to installation, we will walk you through it. 

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cabinets and counters in Wayne PA
Pantry Wall with Beverage Center and Dry Bar featuring a Custom Wooden Hanging Stemware Rack
Family Oriented Study Room with Arrowroot Corian
Cambria Quartz Countertops in White Cliff complimented by a Backsplash of Herringbone Pattern in Polished Carrara Tile

Our Custom Cabinets and Countertops in Rose Valley PA

Having customized cabinets and countertops in Rose Valley PA is every homeowner’s dream. Cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen or bathroom design. They are not only going to be one of the most visible aspects of the space, but they will also influence how the room will be used. In a kitchen, cabinets will provide the necessary storage and the base for countertops. They even determine how efficiently people will move around the kitchen.

Custom cabinets are also valuable additions to other spaces in a home where they can provide storage or display space while serving as a design feature on their own. We design utility room cabinets, office cabinets, living or dining room cabinets, and more. We can also create cabinets for outdoor kitchens with the features needed for food preparation, entertaining, and weather resistance.

We have the ability to create cabinets for any location with:

  • Full Height Base Cabinets – These cabinets are generally floor-to-ceiling for the maximum possible shelving or drawer space.
  • Base Cabinets – These are half-height cabinets, often 36 inches high and topped with counters.
  • Wall Cabinets – Wall cabinets hang on the wall above the counters and go to the ceiling.
  • Island Cabinets – A specific type of base cabinet, these stand alone and provide the base for an island countertop.
  • Vanity Cabinets – As opposed to mass produced vanities, bathroom cabinets fit exactly to your bathroom for a more professional built-in appearance. 

Most cabinetry setups, particularly in kitchens, will consist of a combination of different cabinet types. To choose the right combination for your kitchen, we consider the physical structure of your space and any appliances, windows, and doors so that we can design cabinets that optimize and flow with the space.

The Design Process for Your Custom Cabinets 

After you and your designer have agreed on the layout of your cabinets, it is time to decide how they will look. Cabinetry, along with countertop, appliance, and fixture selections, will determine the overall style of a kitchen or bathroom. We assist you in selecting cabinets that fit with your chosen style.

While the interior setup of the cabinets influences the usability, the exterior door fronts are most important in terms of appearance.

Styles of door fronts include:

  • Shaker Cabinets – This trendy style has a recessed center surrounded by a frame. The sharp lines and clean appearance are a trademark of shaker cabinets.
  • Slab Cabinets – Also called flat cabinets, these door fronts are a single piece, usually without ornamentation. The sleek design is most often used in modern or minimalist kitchens.
  • Beadboard Cabinets – Beadboard is a panel with vertical grooves with narrow raised “beads” between each groove. It has a vintage look.
  • Glass Front Cabinets – A glass front cabinet frames a sheet of plain or mullioned glass. These door fronts work well as an accent or when backlit.
  • Raised Panel Cabinets – These cabinets use a groove to create a raised center panel, often in a square, arched, or cathedral design.

Another unique option for cabinets is inset door fronts. Standard cabinet doors rest on top of their frames. Inset cabinets sit completely within their frames for a smooth profile and clean look that can be combined with almost any door front style.

How you choose to finish the cabinets will further define their style. Styles like traditional, rustic, and Mediterranean will often leave the natural wood on display using the visible grain as a design element. With options such as maple, oak, cherry, and walnut, there are several options for graining and colors. We can also use staining to create cabinets in additional shades.

Painting cabinets is an alternative option for finishing cabinets. This works well with almost every style, especially in modern, contemporary, and vintage kitchens.

Neutral colors like white or gray have enduring popularity, but options also include:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow, and More

During the design process, your design contact will also take you through the other elements for appearance and functionality. With our range of modern solutions, there may be features you are unaware of that you will soon not be able to live without.

You can also find kitchen cabinet refacing in our services to complete the brand-new look of your home.

Leading Cabinet Brands We Offer

After extensive research, we have curated an inventory of cabinets by respected, reliable brands. We have samples of all the brands we carry on display so that you can get an in person perspective for how they look and feel before deciding which one has the options and styles you like best.

Our most popular brands include:

  • Mouser Cabinets – These cabinets are known for their craftsmanship and a core of timeless styles. MacLaren is the only authorized Mouser dealer in Rose Valley.
  • Green Forest Cabinetry – Green Forest produces affordable cabinets representing the latest design trends and unique features.
  • Waypoint Cabinets – Available in a range of maple, cherry, and painted designs, we carry Waypoint’s 400, 500, and 600 series cabinets.
  • Wolf Cabinetry – Wolf offers cabinets at every price point, all of which are expertly made and available in a range of options.

These brands are known for their consistent quality and most homeowners will find a style that suits their needs among their selection. In cases where you are seeking a more specialized design, we also work with a number of smaller and often local cabinet makers. These craftsmen can create a range of unique features at the same standard of quality as the well-known manufacturers.

Natural Stone and Engineered Countertops in Rose Valley, PA

If cabinets are the foundation of a kitchen or bathroom, the countertops are the finishing touch. They will tie together the design and provide needed space for preparing food, entertaining, working, or beauty routines.

This makes countertops a functional and decorative element. When choosing the custom features for your countertop, it is important to consider both aspects. You will need a material that corresponds to your style preferences and can withstand the demands of daily use. Our designers assist you in this process while taking other needs, such as budget, into account.

Choosing Your Custom Countertop 

Getting a new countertop needs a lot of consideration and planning. Countertops today are made from an array of different materials. Natural stone has been popular for years and remains so, but man-made materials are also attractive options that offer benefits in terms of durability, appearance options, maintenance, and cost.

The material types we offer are for your custom counters and countertops in Rose Valley PA are:

  • Granite Countertops – Granite is an enduringly popular countertop material and for good reason. The natural stone is attractive with many options for shade and texture, and granite can take significant wear and tear.
  • Quartz Countertops – Quartz is a more modern countertop material. It is man-made, meaning it comes in a range of colors and textures. It is durable and requires almost no maintenance.
  • Marble Countertops – Our most luxurious option, every marble slab is different in design but will bring a classic beauty wherever it is installed. For a little extra care and expense, marble will elevate a home’s appearance and value.
  • Soapstone Countertops – Soapstone is a more unique option that offers benefits like affordability, eco-friendliness, and antibacterial properties. It comes in a range of colors and provides a look not unlike granite or quartz.
  • Solid Surface Countertops – Made from acrylic polymers and resins, solid surface countertops are affordable and attractive. They come in almost every color and can even resemble natural stone slabs.

With the base material, including the color and movement selected, you will choose how to finish the slabs. Stone countertops can be polished to different sheens and be smooth or textured. They will also have a finished edge, called the profile.

Various edge profiles include:

  • Straight
  • Round
  • Bullnose
  • Bevel
  • Ogee
  • Dupont, Cove, and More

Customizing a countertop gives you the option of selecting each of the design elements. Semi-custom countertops offer a range of choices as well but at a more affordable price. It is possible to design the ideal counter for your home, business, office, or other property with either approach.

Start the Custom Design Process at Our Showroom

When you need cabinets, countertops, or both for your home, MacLaren’s local store near Rose Valley is the best choice. We have thousands of potential combinations, personalized service, and a team that really understands the importance of your satisfaction. 

Contact us at 610-436-5436 so that we can schedule a time for you to tour our showroom, meet with a designer. Learn more about the custom design process at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath for the #1 kitchen cabinets Rose Valley PA company.

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