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We provide a full range of custom kitchen cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets and Cabinetry options.


We have onsite material selection, design, fabrication, and installation services. Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, Corian, and Marble.

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Custom Cabinet and Countertop Design and Installation Services in Villanova, PA

Every property in Villanova relies on high quality cabinetry and countertops to maintain the value of the home or improve the functionality of the space. At some point, the kitchen, bath, or other room in the property is going to need an upgrade, and that means finding the right countertop and cabinet combination to meet all of your needs. 

In Villanova, PA, the company that most property owners turn to for their countertop and cabinet needs is MacLaren Kitchen and Bath. We are the local cabinet and countertop company with the largest and most complete selection. We carry brands known for quality and have cultivated an inventory that prioritizes variety. Every cabinet or countertop selection can be customized with traditional features and innovative new designs to create custom fixtures for your kitchen or bathroom.

We welcome you to walk through our 40,000 square foot showroom on your own or accompanied by one of our designers who can share with you all of the styles we offer.

Call us at 610-436-5436 or send a message through the online form to schedule a time to visit.

Who We Are – MacLaren Kitchen and Bath

As a local, family owned business, MacLaren Kitchen and Bath is focused on customer satisfaction – something that is apparent in all of our work.

It’s why we offer:

  • Personalized Service – Working with our design center is similar to having your own personal designer for your home. They learn your needs and tastes so that they can help choose the right materials and brands for your home.
  • Options for Every Space – 40,000 square feet of showroom space means that we have the largest local variety of products. We have every style, color, material, and texture so you can find the countertops and cabinets you need for your kitchen, bathroom, office, outdoor space, and more.
  • Fast Turnaround Times – We complete your order with a rapid timeframe. Our fabricators finish even the largest projects in weeks instead of months and you are never left waiting for your finished cabinets or countertop.
  • Enduring Quality – We select the brands in our showroom only after extensive reviews, technical research, and interacting with their products ourselves. All of our brands are made to last for decades, if not a lifetime.

We know that any renovation is an investment in your home. That is why we prioritize quality and service so that you get cabinets and countertops that are made to last and remain in style for years. We also offer fair and competitive prices on our range of products and services.

Our installation team is licensed, insured, and bonded, and most of our products come with excellent warranties. We’re happy to talk to you more about what makes MacLaren the leading local choice for Villanova cabinets and countertops, and show you some examples of our work during your visit.

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Cambria Quartz in White Cliff by MacLaren Kitchen and Bath
transitional Island seating with walnut butcher block and quartzite transition bryn mawr pa
Sienna Bordeaux Granite

Custom Cabinetry from Leading Brands

Built in cabinets are the leading choice for adding storage to a home. Because they are permanent, they add value to the property and more functionality to the way that you use your home or business. Our customization options also makes sure that they fit the space in terms of dimensions and appearance. While cabinets are more common in kitchens and bathrooms, custom cabinetry in any room can be a subtle addition for storage or a bold decorative element.

The layout and types of cabinets will depend on the room or purpose. We can create base cabinets, wall cabinets, full height cabinets, and island cabinets to outfit the space in a way that is efficient for cooking, working, or bathroom routines. 

We can also incorporate appliances such as refrigerators, built in microwaves, ranges, wine storage, sinks, and more by taking measurements from your existing appliances or those you intend to purchase. The correct placement of cabinets makes these different appliances fit seamlessly within the cabinetry designs, and offers convenient access to cooking tools or other belongings.

Our designers are experienced in both the visual and technical design aspects of cabinetry, and will work with you to consider all the possibilities during the design process.

A designer will also describe the various cabinet brands we offer. Each brand offers a range of cabinet lines representing different styles, price points, available add on features, and considerations like eco-friendly design.

Some of the traditional cabinet maker brands we offer include:

  • Wolf Cabinets
  • Mouser Cabinets
  • Waypoint Cabinets 

But we know that many homes also need more unique and customized cabinets. If you are searching for a special material, design, or feature, we also partner with several individual cabinet makers. These fabricators specialize in designs and elements that are not available in the more mainstream market. They create each set of cabinets by hand for a truly one of a kind design while still meeting the quality standards of all the cabinet makers we work with.

Design Options and Unique Features for Your Cabinets 

At MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, we recognize that you have your own unique design preferences. That is why we have a near-endless variety of options to choose from.

Depending on the brand of cabinets, you will have a range of additional options to further customize them, including:

  • Material – Cabinets are often made of cherry, maple, oak, or walnut, but other wood like birch, pecan, hickory, and more offer additional shades and grains. Stains and sealants give the wood its final coloring and offer protection for those installing natural wood cabinets.
  • Color – For those who choose to paint the wood, white and grey have long been popular, and shades of blue have been on trend in recent years. But any color option is technically possible, including blacks, greens, yellows, and reds.
  • Door Fronts – Door fronts for drawers and doors come in various styles such as shaker, raised front, slab, beadboard, and glass front, all of which offer their own style. You also have an option for open shelving that does not use doors.
  • Inserts – To assist in organization, many cabinet makers produce drawer dividers and special inserts that can help with storage in kitchens. When we discuss your usage habits, we’ll be able to recommend different inserts to ensure that the new space works for you. 
  • Shelving – Shelving also impacts the storage and organizational possibilities of the cabinets. We can determine shelving placement and any special features like lazy susans for corner cabinets, pull out drawers, wine storage, and more.
  • Lighting – Lighting is a practical and decorative element. We can add interior cabinet lighting during fabrication and installation.

Because there is such a wide range of customization options available, it is possible to create cabinetry that matches essentially any design style. Our cabinets can be designed in a way that is modern, contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, MCM, rustic, and more while offering all the functionality you also need from your space. 

Custom cabinets are one of our specialties, and we encourage you to come see our showroom to get a better understanding of what’s available and how you can integrate it into your property. 

Beautiful and Functional Custom Countertops in Villanova, PA

Countertops in a kitchen provide the needed space for cooking, baking, entertaining, and dining. In a bathroom, they can add a customized touch as a vanity countertop. We also make outdoor countertops, island countertops, office countertops, and more.

We fabricate countertops from popular natural and engineered stone materials, as well as some less common options for a more distinctive look.

Our countertop types include:

  • Quartz Countertops – Quartz is a newer, man-made material, but one that appeals in any setting and offers certain advantages over natural stone. It is a hard, nonporous substance, meaning that it resists damage and requires little maintenance. Quartz can still imitate natural stones in addition to offering several designs not possible with granite or marble.
  • Granite Countertops – Granite is long lasting and resistant to heat and sharp objects, making it ideal for cooking or entertaining. The stone slabs come in a variety of shades and movements so that they bring an aesthetic appeal as well as the functionality.
  • Marble Countertops – With shades from white and grey to those with richly colored veining, any marble countertop will serve as a showpiece in the homes that decide to commit to it. Its higher price point adds value to a home while its natural beauty provides a luxurious element.
  • Soapstone Countertops – Soapstone offers a unique natural stone option that is naturally nonporous, and so requires less upkeep than granite or marble. Soapstone can be a solid grey or carry white or colored veining throughout.

Each of the various stones come in a range of colors, shades, and visual textures. Selecting the material is only the first step as each natural stone slab will have a completely unique pattern and shading. Quartz, while more uniform, is also available in hundreds of different designs.

You can further customize your countertop with features like the edge profile and finishing. We can carve the edges into a variety of shapes, like straight, rounded, beveled, coved, and more depending on the material. We can also select different polishes to give the countertop a particular gloss and texture that blends with your overall style.

Affordable and Long Lasting Commercial Cabinetry and Countertops 

Villanova is a community built around the university and local residences, but it is not without commercial properties. These local businesses, offices, shops, university buildings, healthcare facilities, and other properties also need attractive and high quality countertops and cabinetry that will withstand the usage of the space. 

The right elements in a commercial kitchen or work space are essential to creating a professional and welcoming environment.

We can customize countertops and cabinets at affordable prices for any space on your property, including:

  • Lobby Countertops 
  • Breakroom Kitchens
  • Bathroom Vanities
  • Food Service Bars and Kitchens
  • Storage Solutions

Our capabilities enable us to handle projects of all sizes. With our resources, we can complete large orders – whether a single countertop or cabinetry set up or multiple separate pieces – with an efficient turnaround time. This makes us a top choice for local residential and commercial property development or remodels at commercial properties where we can help you complete the project on time and within budget.

Start Designing Your Custom Kitchen or Bath at MacLaren

There are so many options to choose from in the countertop and cabinet world. We believe it’s our role to make the process easier from beginning to end, whether that means offering the most possible cabinets and countertop options in Villanova to choose from, or having our designers, fabricators, and installers complete your project on time and on budget, MacLaren is the leading choice for all your residential and commercial properties.

Close to Villanova, we encourage you to arrange a time to visit our showroom in West Chester or learn more about our cabinet and countertop options by contacting us at 610-436-5436.

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