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We provide a full range of custom kitchen cabinets, Bathroom Cabinets and Cabinetry options.


We have onsite material selection, design, fabrication, and installation services. Granite, Quartz, Soapstone, Corian, and Marble.

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The Best Countertops & Kitchen Remodeling Wayne PA Company – MacLaren Kitchen & Bath

Searching for the #1 kitchen remodeling Wayne PA company can be difficult especially if you have a certain theme in mind. Fortunately, MacLaren Kitchen & Bath is here to help. We specialize in customizing countertops and kitchens for your home.

Cabinets and counters in Wayne PA are undeniably an asset. Homes in Wayne are some of the most beautiful and well-curated in the state. From historic properties to newer estates, these stunning homes require the best kitchen and bathroom designs. When it comes to custom cabinets and counters in Wayne PA, MacLaren Kitchen & Bath is the region’s best choice.

We are a full-service, professional cabinet maker and countertop fabricator. We support your residential or commercial remodeling needs with design, fabrication, and installation services as well as the largest selection of custom options in the area. Our local showroom is here to provide you with inspiration, and our design center is ready to turn your ideas into a completed kitchen.

Our showroom is open to the public, and the perfect place to get started on your remodel. Set up an appointment via our online form and come visit us. We are also happy to answer your questions over the phone at 610-436-5436 for your home project.

What We Offer at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath

Many countertop and cabinetry companies devote their inventory to a specific style. We’ve taken a different approach at MacLaren Kitchen and Bath. With over 40,000 square feet of showroom space to showcase the products we offer, we have the inspiration and designs to suit every remodel project.

When you work with MacLaren Kitchen and Bath, we provide everything you need for your remodel with:

  • Wide Range of Styles – With a showroom as large as ours, we can create pieces that fit your style. That includes modern, traditional, contemporary, Mediterranean, rustic, and more.
  • Full Service Options – We can handle the remodeling process from start to finish with our service options. We are ready to step in no matter where you are in your remodeling project to help you turn your vision into a reality.
  • Professional, Welcoming Team – Not only do we have an expert staff, but every one of them is excited to make your remodeling dreams happen. With friendly and attentive care, our team will welcome you to our showroom and prioritize your needs. We can remodel your existing space and give you some remodeling ideas that you can choose from.

We are a family owned and operated business serving Wayne, PA. Our ownership and local focus are evidenced in our one-on-one attention for each of our clients. We want to show you that we’re the right choice for your kitchen and bath remodel for cabinets and counters in Wayne PA, whether you’re completely redoing your space or hoping for a smaller upgrade.

Our team, equipment, and inventory give us the capacity to complete large-scale or small projects quickly. We regularly assist in remodels at homes, apartments, condos, as well as outfit commercial properties. Whether we are providing storage solutions for an efficient space or creating custom pieces for an estate, we pay the same care and attention to every project.

One Stop Shop For Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

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High Quality Custom Cabinetry for Any Style

When you are remodeling your home, you have a vision for your future kitchen or bathroom. Cabinets are part of this vision, whether you have already chosen a design, know only the style you want, or need support with direction.

We create a plan for your cabinets, determining your needs for functionality, appearance, layout, and more. Our extensive inventory means thousands of options, but we are here to guide you through your selections and make the right choices and find the style that matches your needs.

If you already have appliances in place, we can use these to gather the exact measurements for your cabinets. But if you have not, we can talk to you more about the appliances you’re considering and see if there is a way we can work out a solution that makes sense for your space.

Our Many Custom Cabinet Options in Wayne, PA

Custom cabinetry is designed to fit into your space exactly. This often requires a range of cabinets in varying sizes and layouts. Cabinet boxes are generally of a standard size and shape.

The types of cabinet boxes we can create are:

  • Base Cabinets – These cabinets reach from floor to about 35 to 36” with a countertop.
  • Full Height Base Cabinets – Also standing on the floor, these cabinets go up to the ceiling and often look built into the home.
  • Wall Cabinets – Wall cabinets are mounted to a wall and touch the ceiling, leaving space below for counters or appliances.
  • Island Cabinets – These base cabinets are used in your kitchen island.
  • Vanity Cabinets – Bathroom cabinets are the base for your sink and provide storage space.

These options can also be customized for office cabinets, laundry room cabinets, office cabinets, garage cabinets, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and more. Built in cabinets are a popular option for hallways, living rooms, and other spaces where extensive storage options are needed, but can also be used for small installations and efficient storage.

Design Options and Features for Your Cabinets

After the layout of your cabinets is chosen, it is the features, materials, and other elements that give them character and style.

We can guide you through decisions on:

  • Material – Cabinetry is typically made of wood or wood composites. Oak, maple, cherry, and walnut remain beautiful choices and are frequently used in cabinetry. We can also make recommendations for materials that meet different usage or design needs.
  • Colors – Wood cabinets can be natural or stained, letting the grain beneath show through. But there are endless color options, from the increasingly popular white or grey to more striking hues. Two-toned door fronts are yet another option.
  • Door Facing Styles – The style of the drawers and doors of your cabinets are what will be most visible. In addition to coloring, you can choose from front styles like shaker, beadboard, beveled, and more. Glass front cabinets can be incorporated to showcase belongings or integrate lighting.
  • Lighting – Built in lighting offers both convenience and a striking way to display objects inside cabinets. For those interested, we can discuss possible lighting options for your design.
  • Shelves – While the size of the cabinet box determines how much storage space is available, the shelving arrangement determines how that space can be used. We work with you to consider how you plan to use your kitchen or bath, such as the tools and kitchenware you use, how you cook, or what you store, to design a shelf placement that will be most functional.

Many of the different options available for each of these are on display in our showroom so that you can get inspiration. This gives you a sense of your planned design and enables you to make choices that you know will work for you, your family, or your business.

Depending on your cabinet selections, your completed design plan is sent to a cabinet maker like Moser Cabinetry, Waypoint Cabinets, or Wolf Cabinetry. We also regularly work with smaller cabinet makers who are able to provide more specialized fabrication methods when you need a truly unique product.

Custom Countertops and Countertop Replacement in Wayne, PA

The countertop is one of the first places people look when they enter a kitchen or bathroom. Its position puts it around the level the eye naturally falls, and the colors, textures, and polished appearance affect the look of the entire room. In addition to countertop design, it also plays a functional role, with different countertops available for durability, strength, heat resistance, and more.

We design and fabricate countertops to fit your kitchen or bathroom. Working with your cabinetry choices and overall style, we can make the countertop you envision to tie the room together. From affordable semi-custom countertops to fully custom countertops with unmatched quality, we have options that match both your space and your budget.

Countertop replacement is also available. For a replacement, we can design a countertop that lines up with your existing cabinetry. Our extensive options make it possible to replicate a look you already have or create an entirely new countertop for your kitchen if it is time for an update.

Kitchen remodeling services are up too. If you only want a kitchen remodel, then we are at your service to make your dream kitchen. We have sample home remodeling projects that you can check for your reference.

Countertop Fabrication with High-Quality Products

A beautiful countertop starts with the base material. We stock countertop slabs and materials from respected brands like Cambria, Corian, and Caesarstone. These products offer extensive choices in terms of textures and shades, as well as options for longevity and durability.

Our range of stone slabs enables us to make countertops from:

  • Granite – For many years, granite has been the quintessential material for counters. Its versatility and ease of care make it functional in a variety of spaces. It’s graining – with each slab providing a different look so no two countertops are the same – makes it especially popular.
  • Marble – Elegant, luxurious, and able to provide a significant increase to your property value, marble is a prized material that sets any kitchen or bathroom apart.
  • Soapstone – Soapstone is environmentally friendly and often budget-conscious. This is a softer countertop made from talc, but can still withstand wear with heat resistance and antibacterial properties.
  • Quartz – Quartz is a manufactured stone. While it may not occur naturally, it has all the organic beauty of stone with far more design options. It can also withstand the most abuse of almost every counter material on the market.

Another option from Corian is solid surface countertops. This is an acrylic material that comes in multiple colors and textures, some of which imitate natural stone. Solid surface is a prime choice whether you need a vibrant color not possible with stone or an affordable solution with the appearance of stone.

Each countertop is shaped and the edges are mitered by hand in our fabrication center by members of our team. They use your specifications and their own intensive design knowledge to build your counter, maintaining a focus on the details.

Our fabrication team has the skills to build even the most complex of countertops and fixtures, including countertop backsplashes. A backsplash requires careful precision they are practiced in providing.

Commercial Countertops and Cabinetry

Commercial properties in Wayne and the surrounding areas often need countertops that combine form and function in ways that are different than residential countertops. Cabinets provide attractive and secure storage and quality countertops are a necessity for food prep, serving, and workspaces, or may be customer-facing and need to look great and withstand abuse.

We build custom commercial cabinets and countertops that can meet your operational needs and design standards.

The types of properties we often work with include:

  • Offices – Break rooms, reception desks, cafeterias, and storage spaces need unique solutions that combine efficiency and quality. We offer small and large-scale options at reasonable prices.
  • Your home – Master bathroom, kitchen, restroom, bathroom design, and more. We will do a wonderful job of matching countertops with your hardwood floors. We have the best kitchen designers for both minor and major renovations.
  • Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars – Whether it’s storage and prep in the back or a show-stopping display in the dining room, we have cabinets and custom countertop options for restaurants.
  • Schools – We can create fixtures for cafeterias, classrooms, offices, and more that are heavy-duty and highly flexible.
  • Hospitals and Doctors Offices – Countertops and cabinets that are easy to clean and even resistant to bacteria are all possibilities, and they won’t sacrifice appearances.

Our commercial kitchen, bathroom, and office products are available at competitive costs, making them a smart option for businesses of all sizes. We can create a custom showcase countertop for your coffee shop or bar or a functional cabinetry system for your office, offering whatever design assistance you require during the process.

Get Started with Your Custom Design – Visit our Showroom

Your remodel in Wayne, PA starts at MacLaren Kitchen & Bath. We can guarantee our customers the luxury products and attentive service that you require during the renovation process.  We have the options and skills to complete the most demanding projects, but complete projects of any size and scale with the utmost attention.

The process begins with a walk around our showroom where your design ideas combine with our extensive sources of inspiration. You can use our online form to schedule your time to visit or call our team at 610-436-5436 to hire the best countertops and kitchen remodeling Wayne PA company.

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